Hiball's new can enhances consumers' experience

Kari Embree

March 11, 2015

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Hiball's new can enhances consumers' experience

Hiball Energy will now offer four of its most popular sparkling energy water flavors and two of its organic energy drink flavors in Ball Corp.’s smaller 8.4-oz aluminum cans.

"There are three main reasons for us to expand into the smaller 8.4oz. can," says Todd Berardi, founder and president of Hiball Energy. "Consumer demand is our primary driver. Many of our female consumers asked us for a smaller size for a variety of reasons, including being easier to carry, wanting less to consume in a single sitting and being able to fit Hiball in a purse without adding too much weight and space. We also received many requests from our on-premise food and corporate campus accounts for a smaller can that their on-the-go patrons could take with them at a lower price point. Lastly, the smaller cans also allow for more flexible single-serve and multi-serve four-pack display opportunities at key retailers."

The sparkling energy water and organic energy drink company also offers 16-oz cans, however, the smaller, more convenient can is geared towards enhancing the consumers’ experience by using Ball’s “cold activation” expertise. The technology indicates that the beverage is at ideal drinking temperature – 45 degrees F – once the pattern of sparkling dots on the can change from white to blue.

Packaging Digest reached out to Jay Billings, Ball’s vp, innovation, for global metal beverage packaging, on Ball's cold-activation technology.

"Graphics enhanced with the cold activation technology change color enhancing the product and brand experience by  indicating that the beverage is at an optimal drinking temperature, as designated by our customers,  when consumed," says Billings.

When asked about the functinoality of the can, Billings responded:

"For so many of our customers, including Hiball, the most attractive functional benefits of Ball’s 8.4-oz cans involve their portability, their smaller size and their lighter weight. People often consume their favorite beverages on the go, and an 8.4-oz can is easy to carry and offers just the right amount of beverage at an attractive price point. And of course 8.4-oz cans, like all beverage cans, chill quickly, don’t shatter and can go anywhere – pools, beaches and parks, for example."

Source: Ball Corp.

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