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Mayorga bridges gap in Hispanic coffee market

Mayorga bridges gap in Hispanic coffee market
Cafe Sabroso

Cafe Sabroso

Mayorga Coffee is proud to announce the launch of Cafe Sabroso, a line that the company has developed to fill a gap in the Hispanic coffee market. As the "New Generation of Latin Coffees" the brand is characterized by a fresh approach to the Hispanic coffee segment, which is dominated by the all-too-familiar "brick-packs". In an effort to proudly represent its ethnic roots through Cafe Sabroso, Mayorga sources specialty grade, Arabica coffee that is Rainforest Alliance certified and roasted in small batches.

President and founder Martin Mayorga says, "I am thrilled to be an authentic voice for the Hispanic consumer within an industry dominated by large conglomerates. We created Mayorga Coffee to represent coffee farmers and communities throughout Latin America. With Cafe Sabroso, we are representing the Hispanic consumer in the United States. This generation of Hispanic consumers is no longer interested in a low-end brick pack or overpriced, over-marketed brands. They want quality, sustainability, flavor depth and value. This is what Cafe Sabroso offers."

In order to make this value brand accessible to everyone in the U.S. marketplace, the packaging is designed so that depending on how it faces the consumer, it can be read in both English and Spanish.

Cafe Sabroso is available as ground coffee in 12oz bags of Fuerte (dark roast), Suave (light roast), Decaf Fuerte (dark roast), and Dulce de Leche (light roast, flavored coffee) and can be found at retailers nationwide this fall.

Mayorga's vision is to revolutionize inefficient and inequitable business and social models for the purpose of creating sustainable growth opportunities for coffee farmers and communities. Through its Farmer Friendly sourcing principles, Mayorga Coffee works directly with essential members of the supply chain and partners with those that also seek to protect our environment, improve our communities, and provide individuals with opportunities for growth.

Source: Mayorga Coffee


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