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Textured PET drink bottle sports an aggressive look

Textured PET drink bottle sports an aggressive look
The new container, in 350- and 500-mL sizes, was designed with a nod to today's athletic equipment.

Football pads and more helped inspire the sports apparel-and-equipment-driven textures that decorate award-winning PET bottles of PROfit Sports Drinks from Toni in Ecuador.

Amcor Rigid Plastics, Ann Arbor, MI, captured a 2014 Golden A' Design Award in the A' Design Award & Competition, an international design contest held annually in Como, Italy. Amcor won the packaging design award for its innovative redesign of the PROfit Sports Drink container from Ecuador's Toni, one of the largest food and beverage producers in Central America.

Amcor ProfitAmcor's Latin America design team, based in Miramar, FL, refreshed and revitalized Toni's hypotonic sports drink brand, transforming the previous standard cold-fill container into a stand-alone, iconic package that is "aggressive, sporty and modern," according to Carlos Londono, Senior/Group Lead Designer for Amcor Rigid Plastics.

Extensive research was done to improve the functionality of the packaging from ergonomic studies to container use constraints and goals. A thorough benchmarking study yielded insight that a container with an improved grip, solid contact points and aggressive styling that made a bold statement was needed to create a highly competitive and athletic container. The new container, in 350- and 500-mL sizes, was designed with a nod to today's athletic equipment—the added texture mimics sports apparel and footwear.

"I designed this concept with the idea of sports protection equipment in mind [such as] American football pads, with their large block surfaces and textures," explained Jeff Klok, Amcor Rigid Plastics' senior industrial designer.

You can read the full article at PlasticsToday.

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