Many elements go into creating the perfect cannabis label and package design for your product. This is especially true when marketing to various generations.

Alaina D’Altorio, Content Marketing Specialist

August 13, 2021

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In the last 20 years, cannabis has had a much wider appeal among audiences of all ages.

“[Cannabis] can be for any age group, all consumers across the board,” says Debi Facey, a Toronto-based cannabis content creator who is well versed in the cannabis market and has her certification in food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

While each generation may find other creative approaches to cannabis labels and packages engaging, they often have their own niche for appealing designs.

And knowing the interests of your audience is a huge advantage in creating visually aesthetic packaging, grabbing your customers attention, and overall elevating the design of your cannabis brand.

“You want to relate [the packaging] to what they’re familiar with,” highlights Jessica Cole, founder and “high hostess” of the company White Rabbit High Tea in Los Angeles. “Different packaging appeals to different groups.”

Here’s a look at the cannabis packaging designs that appeal to (1) Gen Z, (2) Millennials and Gen X, and (3) Baby Boomers.


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Alaina D’Altorio

Content Marketing Specialist, Smith Corona

Alaina D’Altorio is a Content Marketing Specialist at Smith Corona, a vertically integrated manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels located in Cleveland, OH. She writes detailed articles related to the label industry and supply chain, including label guides, designs and materials, packaging, printers, traceability, identification, compliance, and more.

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