CPGs gather at PACK EXPO to identify future packaging trends

January 30, 2014

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CPGs gather at PACK EXPO to identify future packaging trends

With many economists predicting an upturn in 2010, the Packaging Machinery Mfrs.’ Institute (PMMI) is preparing for the future. PMMI has gathered 100 top consumer product goods (CPG) companies together for a series of focus groups at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2009, to talk about their companies’ needs both, today and tomorrow, for PMMI’s Vision 2015 program.

“These are voices that will help us identify the leading packaging trends and market drivers that will shape the packaging industry over the next 10 years,” reports Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO of PMMI. “This end-user perspective is critical to Understanding the future of the industry.”

PMMI asked members to nominate their best customers and selected 100 companies to provide insight into the trends that will shape the packaging and processing industries for the next decade. “Will sustainability have the same force 10 years from now that it does today?

What kind of materials will we see going into the packaging of tomorrow? What types of total systems do manufacturers want? These are the kinds of questions that we need to get answered,” Yuska adds. “The Vision 2015 focus groups are one of the key indicators of what’s coming down the pike, and they are an indispensible tool that can help us navigate the marketplace.”

The findings of the focus group will be released as The Vision 2015 Report, which will be available to PMMI members and help shape future PACK EXPO shows.

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