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Case erector cuts set-up time by almost half

A new way of feeding and setting up cases on the 30 Series case erectors from Wexxar/Bel speeds up the process. What used to take about seven minutes can now be done in about four minutes.

Cases now are loaded horizontally in strapped bundles. Once the bundle is in queue in the magazine, the strap is easily removed. Case blanks are then fed on a belt from the bottom using gravity and, once clear from the stack, are stood up for vertical opening (just like before). See the system operate in the video clip above.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas (booth C-3123), national account manager Peter Zweber explained that case size changeovers are easy. You loosen the hand-cranks, slide the guides in (or out) until they touch the new case size and then tighten the handles back up. No tools needed.

Because the design uses gravity to help feed the cases, the system can handle a wider range of case styles and materials. Plastic cases, for example.

With this new feeding system, the overall machine footprint is a little bit wider and a little longer. The magazine section could also be extended to reduce the frequency of replenishing the case supply, but that would add a little bit more to the length of the machine.

In addition to easier case loading and faster set up, this new design eliminates any potential pressure problems with vertically loaded and stacked cases.

We also showed a solution to carton-feeding pressure problems from Kliklok-Woodman on its CertiWrap Elite system, which debutted at Pack Expo Las Vegas. The problem is the same—controlling material feeding pressure—but the solution was different and was for cartons rather than cases.

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