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Softlips puckers up with innovative cube packaging

Softlips puckers up with innovative cube packaging

The leading lip care company, Softlips, has recently launched a new cube-shaped package for its lip balm. The sleek, modern package is dome-shaped and made from clear plastic (resembling an ice cube) and easy to apply—just lift up square lid. Voila!  

Packaging Digest got the exclusive on this innovative packaging from Katherine Tocheff, director of marketing and innovation, Softlips.

What is the motivation behind Softlips recent activity in introducing new packaging?

Tocheff: Softlips has been the leader in lip balm for women since its inception in 1992, when we launched the slim stick. We are always looking to surprise and delight our consumer and we know women are always looking for innovative beauty products. As the first brand to create lip balms specifically for women, we are once again giving women what they want with one lip balm that delivers  5 in 1 lip care benefits and unique, colorful, cube shaped packaging.

What design trends does your packaging set in the lip care market?

Tocheff: Beauty and style is what inspired our design. We believe that lip balm should be both efficacious and enjoyable to use. Softlips Cube brings quality and sophistication not currently prevalent in the mass lip balm market, elevating the expectation of how a lip balm should look.

What changes did you make to the packaging that makes it more eye catching?

Tocheff: The glass-like Softlips Cube is a new design that was developed with the consumer experience in mind. Highly light reflective, easy to hold, apply, and find in a purse or bag are all attention grabbing characteristics that are highly appealing to the consumer.

What are the benefits of the glass-like cube?  

Tocheff: Aside from being highly stylish and light reflective, the glass-like Cube allows consumers to see the product before they even buy it. They know what to expect, a benefit few other lip balms offer.

Where are the products being packaged?

Tocheff: In the US.

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