Duoject’s Pen-Prep EVO readied for market; to be featured at Pharmapack North America

Matt Sanderson

December 3, 2015

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Duoject’s Pen-Prep EVO readied for market; to be featured at Pharmapack North America

The Pen-Prep EVO by Duoject Medical Systems will be on display at the Pharmapack North America’s Innovation Gallery from June 9 to June 10 in New York City. Company representatives will be located at Booth 4015.

Duoject offers a range of unique medical devices developed to safely and precisely reconstitute all dry form drugs prior to injection, and it has been working with clients since 1985. The Pen-Prep EVO is used with traditional pen injectors used worldwide by patients seeking a portable reconstitution device for scheduled multiple self-injections.

The Pen-Prep EVO meets a very specific requirement of drug delivery, being a unique application addressing and building on reliability, says Simon Williams, head of business development. Not only are cartridges reconstituted for use in a pen injector for multiple injections, but it also provides the equivalent of a dual-chamber cartridge without the filling difficulties, as well as having no exposed needle. It currently is compatible with 3-milliliter diluent-filled cartridges.

“Its simple elegance sets it apart,” he said. “It was a rather challenging reconstitution system, so we came to build on reliability – to be a simpler and reliable product over time.”

Duoject just began shipping the Pen-Prep EVO, and the 3-milliliter cartridge is being launched by “a major pharmaceutical company,” Williams tells PMP News. He could not yet name the company. It is the first time Duoject has navigated shipping a commercial product. The company has brought the Pen-Prep EVO to a “couple of shows” while in the final stages of approval, but Pharmapack North America will be its commercial debut.

“We’ve worked with their marketing team in Europe and study team in the United States,” he said. “A collaboration that’s taken some time, but we’re finally getting this one going on the market.”

Duoject is also talking about its Engineering Services group working with the product’s design with pharmaceutical clients.

“So we not only design and manufacture our own products,” Williams said, “but we [also] have a strong engineering group that does their own products as well.”

The Pen-Prep EVO has been prototyped for other user studies with 1-milliliter cartridges, and, using the E-Z Link, as its vial adaptor, Williams said, it can also offer a 13-millimeter and 20-millimeter finish commercially available with the 3-milliliter cartridge.  

An “intelligent vial adaptor” called the E-Z-Link will also be discussed at Pharmapack North America. It is a reconstitution delivery device of any drug vial and luer lock diluent syringe.

“It has a safety disc that adds value to the product,” Williams said. “And it provides safety to make sure there’s no needle injuries or spike stick injuries.”

The VaccJect, a cartridge-based injection solution, is also being marketed by Duoject representatives.

“We always take the chance to have a hands-on opportunity,” Simon said. “We appreciate the devices we’ve developed. We bring a lot of devices with us and demonstrate to anyone who’s interested, and show them the special designs we’ve done and the factors of [our] engineering.”

Williams notes he is interested in meeting with Duoject’s interested customers, as well as face time with its devices.

“We’ve always been experts in reconstitution, and we’re always looking at reconstitution,” Simon said when asked if there’s a particular application or market Duoject is currently studying. “VaccJect is in safe drug delivery. We’re developing other projects, but in a newer area, we have another project in the drug-delivery space. We’re not ready to announce, but we continue to invest heavily in those areas of drug reconstitution.”

For more company information, visit http://www.duoject.com

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