Easy-Open Ends Preferred Over Sanitary Ends, Says Study

January 30, 2014

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Easy-Open Ends Preferred Over Sanitary Ends, Says Study

Fruit packers using metal cans stand a much better chance of weathering economic challenges by utilizing easy-open (EZO) ends, according to recent research conducted by market research firm Ipsos. The study researched consumers’ purchase drivers for canned fruits, in particular how brand, size, shape, lid and price impact consumers' purchase behavior.

“Even in the present economic environment, consumers continue to reach for brands with EZO ends first.  The convenience features continue to have a significant impact on sales,” says Carolyn Takata, director of marketing, Silgan Containers.

In the survey, consumers preferred EZO ends to sanitary ends five to one. Furthermore, consumers said they were willing to pay up to 40 cents more for products with EZO ends before considering other options.

“Not only do consumers indicate a clear preference for EZO ends in this category, but they back that preference with a willingness to spend more money for the convenience,” Takata says.

Also, the study asked consumers to rate container preference for the fruit category. Metal cans came in at 43%, rigid plastic containers at 27%, glass jars at 10% and flexible pouches at 3%. Metal cans also provide several of the top desired attributes cited by consumers, such as “easy-to-open,” “has a reliable taste,” and is “easy-to-store.”        

Source: Silgan Containers

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