Films Innovate Recycle-Ready PE Packaging for Confectionery

Charter Next Generation expands GreenArrow portfolio with a new line of cavitated polyethylene (PE) films and help from VOID Technologies.

Rick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor

January 23, 2024

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Charter Next Generation

At a Glance

  • Charter Next Generation expands sustainable films with new cavitated PE
  • VOID Technologies’ patented masterbatch and processing enables development
  • PE films offer high opacity, ease of processing, and recycle-ready performance

Charter Next Generation (CNG), a leading provider of sustainable films, announced January 23 that it has expanded its GreenArrow portfolio with a new line of cavitated polyethylene (PE) films.

Developed in collaboration with VOID Technologies (VOID), the new recycle-ready films meet the rapidly growing demand for flow wrap and confectionery applications. Using VOID's patented VO+ PE Voiding Agent Masterbatch and Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) film processing, CNG has successfully developed high-performing PE film structures that are opaque yet compatible with existing PE recycling streams making more packaging suitable for recycling.

Adoption of MDO PE film is a rapidly growing industry trend as it enables recyclable, high-performing flexible packaging. By using VO+ Masterbatch, CNG can now produce thin-gauge voided MDO PE films that offer a combination of low density and high opacity not achievable with mineral additives such as TiO2 pigments or CaCO3 cavitation agents. This innovation creates a unique PE-based recycle-ready alternative to conventional PP-based substrates that often require biaxial orientation.

“Using VOID's patented VO+ technology enables us to achieve the high opacity, ease of processing, and recycle-ready performance we are targeting for these films,” says Brent Greiner, VP of technology at Charter Next Generation. “This allows our customers to reduce their use of virgin materials and process their packaging in existing polyethylene film recycling streams.”

Masterbatch unlocks performances benefits.

The VO+ PE Masterbatch is added to PE resin to create nano- and micro-scale voids, reducing density, and creating high levels of opacity via light scattering through the voided structure. The lighter-weight material performs better structurally and improves the potential for recycling.

VOID's latest VO+ PE Masterbatch product is compliant with direct food contact standards in North America and Europe and has passed key recycling standards.

James Gibson, CEO of VOID Technologies, comments, "We are delighted with this collaboration and to be part of launching this new generation of recycle-ready voided PE films. As we look to the future, we are excited to be working with CNG across a range of projects that directly address sustainability and recycling targets."

Charter Next Generation is a major North American producer of highly engineered solutions used in the food, consumer, healthcare, and industrial markets.

VOID extensively patented VO+ technology was developed in a research initiative at Kimberly-Clark. Soon after, in 2015, VOID was launched as an independent company.

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