Pouch deactivates unwanted prescription drugs for disposal

December 12, 2015

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Pouch deactivates unwanted prescription drugs for disposal

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News staff

A pouch system has been developed to allow for the safe disposal of prescription drugs. The Deterra Drug Deactivation System from Verde Technologies employs patented MAT12 Molecular Adsorption Technology to deactivate unwanted or unneeded narcotics, antibiotics, transdermal patches, and other prescription drugs. MAT12 is a proprietary activated carbon that bonds to pharmaceutical compounds when water is added, rendering drugs ineffective and safe for disposal, the company reports in a news release. The system offers an alternative to take-back incineration programs.

Originally introduced as Medsaway, the Deterra System features several sizes and formats. Deterra-SP is a single-pouch system that can hold up to 15 pills, 2 ounces of liquid, or two transdermal patches per pouch. Deterra-MP deactivates up to 45 pills, 6 ounces of liquid, or six patches; Deterra-LP has a capacity of 90 pills, 12 ounces of liquid, or 12 patches; and Deterra Pro contains three Deterra-LP pouches. Deterra XL provides a larger one-gallon size with a total capacity of 450 pills, 60 ounces of liquid or 60 patches. Deterra Contra-Patch contains 25 pouches, each with a capacity for one patch.

The smallest size is available for under $1 each.

Verde Technologies reports that Deterra has a 98.1% success rate in deactivating prescription drugs, according to a research study supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The approach also renders chemical compounds safe for landfills. 

“Verde is committed to reducing the growing problems of abuse and misuse of drugs plaguing the United States, and our new Deterra System and partnership program provides a proven, universal solution that is socially responsible, cost-effective, easy to use and environmentally friendly,” states Christine Horton, Verde Technologies vice president of sales and marketing, in the news release. “Our partnership program extends the opportunity to the pharmaceutical and health care industries to change behavior and make a real difference in reducing prescription drug misuse and abuse.”

Visit www.DeterraSystem.com for more details.

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