Pouch handling system allows versatile labeling

Pan Demetrakakes

June 7, 2018

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Pouch handling system allows versatile labeling

The PNP-1 (Pick n Place) system allows empty pouches and bags to be labeled at up to 60 units a minute. Manufactured by HSAUSA LLC and distributed by Dartronics, the unit handles pouches and zippered bags with suction cups, feeding them through printer/labeler systems of the end user’s choice.

Pouches can be fed vertically from a stand-up magazine or horizontally from a hopper that can hold product up to 18x18 inches in size, in stacks up to 4 inches high. An integrated labeler or printer/labeler applies the label to the pouches as they pass through the machine. Single or front-and-back labels can be applied.

A wheel drives product into a catch-bin hopper after labeling. A digital vacuum sensor detects when the suction cups are handling a bag and attempts to pick it up again if it’s dropped. The programmable logic controller can switch among multiple product recipes with a touchscreen interface.

The PNP-1 is suitable for smaller-scale packagers of food and other consumer goods who need versatility in labeling but can’t invest in lines dedicated to specific products/stock-keeping units (SKUs). It also allows coding for lot numbers, dates and other metrics.

One end user is a medical device vendor that uses the PNP-1 to label and code pouches that will package kits of devices to be used together. The system can also incorporate devices that verify label and coding accuracy.

See this system at EastPack 2018 (June 12-14; New York City) in the Dartronics booth (Booth 2309). Register now to attend for free.

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