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Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging

Article-Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging

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Mexico's move for kids' health, biscuit pack's got game, tattooed tequila bottles, Absolut's green bottle, EPP option, PepsiCo Europe on refill packaging.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, with the most recent “find” at the beginning. Come back often to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed. You'll find the just archived Best in Food & Beverage Packaging for August at this link.

The developments found below include Aqueous takeaway cups, Cold Ones' irresponsible design, Brew Dog’s digitally printed beer cans, Food safety and sustainability through organic food packaging, Monster Energy's back-the-future design for sugarless beverage launch,  Sainsbury’s to drop use-by date on its own brand of milk, Packaging Digest’s latest Food & Beverage Packaging Newsletter, Top 100 Food and Beverage Packaging Companies, the skyrocketing food packaging market, Cheetos Bag of Bones Halloween snacks packaging arrives, Coors Light’s limited-edition "Light's Out" beer can pays tribute to Shohei Ohtani's latest feat. 

Kid-focused foods in Mexico with high sugar and sodium content have to note that on front of food packaging.

Biscuit packaging with a gaming vibe.

AIPIA, World Packaging Organisation sign agreement to promote sustainable and smart packaging.

Superbird Premium Tequila bottles are tattooed.

Burkey Belser, man who designed the Nutrition Information label on all food packaging, dies.

Absolut’s new vodka comes in a green glass bottle captures the spirit of the night-time city streets of the Nordics.

Klöckner Pentaplast celebrated St. Helens’ plant full transition to producing expanded polypropylene (EPP)-based kp Infinity packaging for foodervice.

PepsiCo Europe discusses refillable packaging, which is “part of the solution to reduce packaging waste.”

PFAS food packaging regulations in the US.

Super Barrier Coated Film Market to experience a 5.3% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2032.

Fresh Food & Beverage Packaging News from Packaging Digest.

Playboy-branded beverage enters vodka seltzer market.

Beverage Packaging Market expanding 6.4% yearly.

Exceptional integration of the bar code into the packaging design.

Coca-Cola HBC launches innovative LitePac Top eco-friendly packaging solution in Austria. The world’s first of its kind multipack uses a combination of a paperboard handle and paper wrap.

Brand's ingredient aligns perfectly with new promotional sweepstakes.

Biodegradable food packaging film made with kudzu.

Unusual inspiration for Lobo Mexicano's packaging design: a nomadic herd.

US molded fiber category in foodservice markets is on a strong trajectory driven by sustainability.

There were 14 food and petfood recalls by the FDA in August.

Ben & Jerry’s redesigned packaging lifts sales.

First digitally printed cartons from Tetra Pak join Love Nation Canada concert lineup this fall. 

Snazzy packaging for single malt whisky honors jazz festival.

Coke's new mystery formula was created using artificial intelligence.

Kellogg's splitting into two companies.

Is standardization the solution to food packaging shrinkflation?

Italian brand olive oil switches to colorfully wild bag-in-box packaging.

Scientists produce sustainable food packaging from fungi used to make nanoparticles.

Microwavable packaging and microplastics.

New beverages roundup from around the world.

Limited-edition Laughing Cow cheese packaging looking for smiles.

Liquid Death maker launches Final Boss Sour packaging.

Fiji is one the first countries to use Aqueous takeaway cups, which have a waterproof coating embedded in the paper fibers. The cup, resulting from a partnership between Portion Pak and BioPak, are said to compost at the same rate as typical organic waste.  

Designed to be enjoyed irresponsibly, Cold Ones challenges the norms of the non-alcoholic beverage market.

Brew Dog’s digitally printed beer cans.

Food safety and sustainability through organic food packaging.

Back to the future: Monster Energy maker Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) said that the can design for a zero-sugar version of the original flavor features the same look as the 2002 launch of the sugared drink.

Sainsbury’s to drop use-by date on its own brand of milk.

Packaging Digest’s September 6 Food & Beverage Packaging News.

Rankings of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Packaging Companies.

Research firm Freedonia takes a look at the skyrocketing food packaging market.

Cheetos Bag of Bones snacks hit shelves in revamped Halloween 2023 packaging.

Coors Light’s limited-edition beer can design pays tribute to Shohei Ohtani knocking a bulb out on the brand’s billboard at NY Mets’ Citi Field.

SIG Combibloc with Ana Bio Tech debut an aseptic pack for long-life probiotic yogurt while claiming to have created a new product category for aseptic carton packs.



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