Bottles, Buns, and Bags: Packaging Roasts and Toasts of March

From a pseudo blood bag with a drink spout to round hot dog buns and boxes with brown spots, we note the past month’s food and beverage packaging wins and fails.

Rick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor

April 4, 2024

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Another month has passed since the last roasts and toasts and both packaging detractors and supporters have not let us down. The packaging roasts and toasts of March proves once again that spontaneity is a fickle sword that cuts both ways when consumers share reviews of their experiences with packaged foods and beverages on social media.

Let’s get right to it, leading off with our five roasts as usual before we turn to five positive experiences that we a bonus at the end.

We have to admit, the guy's got a point for this breakthrough resealable cookie packaging that took the market by storm a couple years back. Moving to a wide flap should do the trick if feasible. Please Do Not make the newtons smaller instead, we've seen enough shrinkflation.

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Blood bag with a drink spout? Not really…unless it’s for Dracula.

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You know what happens when kids don’t like the new packaging.

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Post throws shade on the growing trend of celebrity-backed spirits in general and one in particular.  

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How about buns for your round hot dogs?

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Packaging toasts: Buns (again), a beneficial bottle, and more.

We balance off the roasts with these five toasts.

And speaking of buns, which in this instance are 6-pack buns so to speak…

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Banana snack packaging boxes perfectly mimics the fruit right down to the subtle brown spots, impressive!

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Consumers often complain about half-filled snack bags and broken snacks, but here’s a rarity: a big positive shoutout for a full bag with unbroken crisps.

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We thought this Cheerios campaign for personalized boxes was awesome, too, which is why we wrote about it in January.

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Unique bottle with benefits for you and others deserves a toast.

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This month we offer a bonus that ends our report on a neutral note: is a supermarket with DIY wine dispensing into a PET bottle really a good idea? Ditto for olive oil, etc.

We beg to differ. While the post praises the idea of DIY wine dispensing, we see this as a total fail for sanitation concerns and other reasons. What do you think?

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