Clear Shrink Films Approved for Store Drop-Off Recycling

New standard EVO and high-strength EVOX shrink films from Clysar are store drop-off recyclable with grocery bags and other approved polyethylene packaging materials.

November 17, 2020

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Clysar EVO combo

High-performance polyolefin shrink films maker Clysar’s new EVO and EVOX recyclable shrink films are approved for the Store Drop-Off label by the How2Recycle program. The films allow brand packagers and retailers to meet critical package recyclability goals, fulfill retail labeling mandates, and address increased consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

Most shrink films are not recyclable under current protocols and can only be labeled on products as “not yet recyclable.”

The films are engineered to run on virtually all models and makes of appropriate packaging equipment.

Offering excellent optics, clean, even shrink and strong seals, Clysar Evo All-Purpose Films are tailored for most retail packaging applications and run on most shrink-packaging equipment under a wide range of operating conditions.

Clysar Evox High-Speed, High-Strength Films are ideal for high-speed packaging applications requiring extra strength, protection and durability. The materials provide a high-performance solution for demanding products including heavy multipacks or irregular product or bundle shapes.

The Evo family of films were developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and verified by third-party testing to meet the requirements of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, ensuring they are safe and fully acceptable for Store Drop-Off recycling.

“These films are unique in our market, both from a recyclability standpoint as well as overall performance,” says Vicki Larson, president. “They also provide a wider operating window. Clysar has invested heavily over the past several years to support significant Evo film family growth for these recyclable solutions. Our patented manufacturing processes provide an operational and formulation flexibility that’s not widely available in this market.”

According to Larson, Evo is a drop-in replacement for a customer’s current shrink film while Evox has unique characteristics that offer end users the ability to improve uptime and overall package appearance.

The materials are on-trend with a consumer preference for sustainable packaging. During a presentation at last week’s Pack Expo Connects virtual tradeshow, Larson cited a study conducted by The Boston Group that about 66% of consumers said environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging is important and 74% said they would pay more for it.

These consumer trends parallel numerous broad-based sustainable packaging goals and programs underway or announced by end-user brands and customers.

Larson acknowledges that some consumer-packaged goods customers will shift business from the Clysar's current films to the Evo family solution, though that likelihood is outweighed by Evo films’ potential in an environmentally conscious market.

“We’re excited to see an incredibly high interest level,” she says of the initial reaction to the new products, adding that “we have applications of Evo and Evox in the market in both single-unit and multipack packages.”

The films are manufactured at the company's Clinton, IA, headquarters location.






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