Plum Organics introduces Portable Baby Food Pouch

January 29, 2014

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Plum Organics introduces Portable Baby Food Pouch

151516-plum_baby_food_v3.jpgPlum Organics is introducing new Baby Food Pouches, a portable pouch that allows for the natural preservation of flavors and freshness without using additives or preservatives. Plum Organics is the first to launch this innovative baby food format in the United States.

Plum Organics Baby Pouches are blends of USDA organic baby food made with 100 percent fruits and vegetables with no added sugar, juice, concentrates, colors or flavors. The organic fruits and vegetables are cooked and pureed until smooth, then packaged in a BPA-free pouch that pours easily onto a spoon for a mess-free eating experience - a method that eliminates the need for double dipping and concerns of cross contamination, says the company. Each 4oz. meal can be served at room temperature, warmed, or chilled for preference.

"Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches serve those families that are constantly on-the-go," said Gigi Lee Chang, founder of Plum Organics. "I see this innovative packaging as a great, modern alternative to traditional glass jars. As parents, we need flexibility and convenience, and the re-sealable, soft-sided pouch allows you to serve as much as you need and toss in your bag without the mess. Beyond convenience, the freshness and nutritional integrity of our baby food remains paramount. The unique pouch preserves the freshness of the meals and allows for a much lower cooking time than traditional jarred baby food. This ensures babies still get the nutritious meal they need without sacrificing the taste of real flavors that will start them on a lifetime of healthy eating."

The new line is available in six fruit and veggie blends: sweet potato, corn & apple; spinach, peas & pear; pumpkin & banana; pear & mango; peach, apricot & banana; and apple & carrot. In addition, Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches feature:

  --  Non-GMO, USDA-certified organic ingredients
  --  Child-safe, recyclable cap that reseals for flexible portions
  --  Portability for easy and safe travel
  --  Light weight pouch for reduced energy and supply chain impact

  --  Blends suitable for Stage 1 and beyond

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches are now available online at and at Babies R Us and Toys R Us locations nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.29.

SOURCE: Plum Organics

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