Premier Foods 'stocks' up on PET jars

January 29, 2014

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Premier Foods 'stocks' up on PET jars



Premier Foods 'stocks' up on PET jars

Britain's largest food producer, Premier Foods, has launched OXO Reduced Salt stock granules in a PET jar from Graham Packaging Co.'s ( Chalgrove Plant in the U.K. Premier Foods required a lightweight, square container in line with OXO's iconic “cube” branding look. The translucent square-shaped amber jar matches the look of OXO Concentrate Liquid Stock bottles. The translucency combined with the cube shape meant that any variation in the thickness of the walls would have affected the color of the product, explains Adrian Bird, production and development manager at the Chalgrove plant. “The jar preform was designed to ensure consistency across the packages and, once in production, set very tight wall thickness limits.”

The 375-mL container features a paper label printed by Ormerods ( The label colors differentiate the beef, chicken and vegetable stock varieties. The Reduced Salt Stock Granules offer all the flavor of regular OXO but with 25 percent less salt. The granules can be sprinkled onto meat and vegetables before grilling or roasting and can be added to recipes for a fuller flavor.


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