10 Top Innovations in Food Packaging Science

Many conferences showcase packaging, but few focus on packaging science that meets the needs of the food industry like last month’s IFT FIRST event.

Claire Sand

August 14, 2023

10 Slides

For the Institute of Technology, IFT FIRST means Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology. The energy level was high at the July event in Chicago with a focus on future-proofing innovation required to meet the current crisis in the food industry.  The food industry is under pressure to provide products that fulfill the health-related needs of an increasingly diverse and economically diverse population by employing sustainable products, processing, and packaging. 

This is quite a challenge! To explore and present options, attendees from more than 70 countries enjoyed networking, brain dates, panels, innovation labs, and fireside chats in addition to  100-plus scientific sessions, 500-plus research posters, and 800-plus exhibitors. Packaging science was a critical part of innovations shared at this 3-day trade show and conference.

This Top 10 IFT slideshow delves into packaging science, covering everything from student and company food packaging awardees to USDA cold plasma research, “agile” active packaging,  unique jars, edible packaging, and much more. Join me on our virtual tour of highlights!

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Claire Sand

Packaging Technology and Research

Claire Sand, PhD, has 30+ years of experience in industry and academia. She is owner of Packaging Technology and Research and Gazelle Mobile Packaging and an Adjunct Professor, CalPoly, Michigan State University, and the University of Minnesota. You can reach her at packagingtechnologyandresearch.com or using the email below.

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