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Last week's top packaging storiesLast week's top packaging stories

John Kalkowski

March 11, 2015

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Last week's top packaging stories

Mid-August is peak vacation season for many in the packaging industry. So, if you were away on vacation last week or were just too busy to review your emails, here is a review of the four most popular stories at packagingdigest.com based on visits by readers. Click the links at the top of each item to read the full story.

1.  Print and packaging companies are at war with each other

As millions continue to be unemployed, print and packaging companies contract hired guns to steal employees from their competitors. The trend has reached a furious pace with requests for people doubling.


2. Sonoco Plastics Plans to Develop New Rigid Plastic Container Plant in Ohio
Sonoco will be developing a new rigid plastic container operation in the new Beauty and Home Care campus in New Albany, OH. The new plant is expected to be operational by the end of the second quarter of 2012.


3. Pepsi Istanbul adds sparkle to new soda can
Pepsi Istanbul can Pepsi Istanbul has launched a limited-edition lemon and mint twist on the classic drink in "sparkling" cans. A varnish helps create the effect of a night scene of a city skyline, with twinkling lights and stars. "With Pepsi Istanbul only being available for the summer, it is crucial for us to have a distinctive and eye catching design for the cans so that all Pepsi fans will see it and want to try the new flavor," explains Gözde Kütük, Pepsi assistant brand manager.


4. Foreign-student workers protest conditions at candy packing plant

Hundreds of foreign students in a summer work visa program at Hershey walked off the job, complaining about low wages and unexpectedly difficult work conditions. Among their grievances are unpleasant physical demands of lifting and moving heavy boxes, and standing for an entire 8-hr shift.



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