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August 26, 2016

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Single-serve Deli Snackers put grab-and-go protein in the hands of mobile Millennials

Could fresh meat snacks capture a piece of the lucrative dried meat snacks (aka jerky) market? Land O’Frost is betting on it. In July, it introduced a new product line called Deli Snackers—baked meat snacks made from high-quality, oven-roasted meats—in single-serve packaging designed for grab-and-go snacking.

Even a sliver of the jerky pie could represent sizable sales. In 2015, Americans bought $2.8 billion worth of beef jerky, according to Chicago-based market research firm IRI. And the market is still growing, thanks to health and wellness attitudes. More than three-quarters (78%) of consumers say they feel that protein contributes to a healthy diet and more than half say they want more of it in their diets, according to Protein Perceptions and Needs, a December 2013 survey by The NPD Group, among a nationally representative sample of 2,122 U.S. primary grocery shoppers.

“At Land O’Frost, we’re always keeping a pulse on consumer trends and looking for ways to introduce new offerings to meet the desires and needs of our customers,” said Keith Hill, director of brand management for Land O’Frost, in a press release announcing the product launch. “We know consumers are looking to snack more throughout the day while also finding ways to get more protein in their diets. Our new line of Deli Snackers provides a healthy, tasty and versatile meat snack option that we know will excite shoppers.”

Deli Snackers are currently available in six varieties—Black Forest Ham, Hot & Smokey Ham, Vermont Maple Ham, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Breast and Buffalo Chicken Breast—in color-coded packaging to make it easy for consumers to find their favorites the next time they buy.

Each package holds about 12 to 14 pieces per package, which was determined as an “ideal” snack portion. At about 80 calories, each single-serve pack provides 10 grams of protein with no more than 3 grams of fat and less than 400mg of sodium, helping consumers meet their healthy eating and snacking goals.

According to Land O’Frost, the fresh meats can safely survive for several hours outside a refrigerator, however, maintaining their status as a portable snack.

Land O’Frost’s innovation/R&D team answered our specific questions about the packaging (in alpha order by last name): Carl Abbott, vp, procurement; Rich Carlson, director of innovation; Keith Hill, director of brand management; Craig Irsch, senior manufacturing engineer; and Boyd Lee, senior product developer.

From the image, it looks like the package is a bottom formed web of film, sealed with a top lid. Is this correct? Or is it a pouch?

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Deli Snackers are packed in a bottom film that is flexible forming and a top film that is non-flexible forming.

Is the product image on the front printed on or is that a window so consumers can see the actual product inside? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: The Deli Snackers front panel has a window where the product is visible. Based on consumer research, consumers expressed interest to see the product through packaging, especially on something new and different such as this launch.

How are the packages filled on the production line? Using whose equipment? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: West Liberty Foods, a co-manufacturer, produces the product to strict specifications on a high-speed automated packaging line.

It looks like the pieces of meat are about the size that would fit on a cracker. Is that correct? Are these cut that way or formed? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Yes, that is correct. The meat snacks fit perfectly on a cracker or are used as a salad topper—although consumers did tell us that, more often than not, they use Deli Snackers for an on-the-go high protein snack.

Who did the packaging graphics? Did the company work with an outside package design firm? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: All of Land O’Frost’s packaging is designed by our internal graphics team.

What is the point of the circles in the graphics? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Deli Snackers are meant to be an on-the-go protein snack, so the design is meant to be fun and conveying a sense of movement.

Is the back of the package clear or printed? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: The back of the package is a printed clear film.

I see the “easy peel” arrow in the upper right corner. Whose packaging technology are you using to ensure the package is easy open? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Land O’Frost uses Bemis, a global manufacturer of flexible packaging products and pressure-sensitive materials.

No need for a reseal feature, though, because this is a single-serve package, right? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Yes, the Deli Snackers are a single serving, because we did not want to give consumers the extra cost that would come with making it resealable.

Is the 2-oz size considered one serving? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Yes, 2 ounces is one serving. We tested it and found that the bell curve fit around the 2-ounce size. It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little. It was just the right size.

Where are these packages positioned in the store? I don’t see any peg holes. 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: Our customers received several merchandising options. The packages can be stacked on shelf and it has a punch out hole (not visible in the image) for pegs, but the most common display method is in the seven-count display tray that it comes packed in.


Who is the target customer and why them? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: This product has a pretty broad appeal, but specifically, males and Millennials are the target consumers. This audience is always on-the-go and looking for healthier alternatives to include in their snacks.

Are these also sold at convenience stores? 

Land O’Frost innovation/R&D team: For Deli Snackers, our two biggest customers are Walmart and Meijer, and any mass merchandise stores alike.


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