Worldwide Food Expo tackles packaging

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Worldwide Food Expo tackles packaging

Along with food-related issues, packaging applications will play a big role at Worldwide Food Expo. The Expo kicks off a busy four-day schedule packed with ideas and exhibits for packagers of food, dairy, meat and seafood products. Combined as the American Meat Institute (AMI)'s International Meat, Poultry and Seafood Exhibition, and the Food, Dairy and Beverage Exposition, Worldwide Food Expo is expected to draw more than 30,000 attendees, including international visitors from more than 150 countries.

Covering more than 1.2 million sq ft at Chicago's McCormick Place, the event will feature 1,200 exhibits, including packaging machinery, equipment, materials and containers targeted to dairy, meat, poultry and seafood, beverage, snack and bakery, refrigerated and frozen food, and canning and packing industries. See the booth briefings below for specific companies and their packaging-related offerings at the show.

In addition to the exhibits, more than 60 educational sessions will be offered, with topics that cut across a broad spectrum and include many timely issues of importance to packaging attendees. Topics will include retail/foodservice, trends, financial strategy, food safety, distribution/logistics, ingredient formulation and technology, management issues, plant design and equipment, and international issues in the food industry.

One session directly focuses on packaging issues: Food Tech 2-Packaging, and will be presented from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, October 30. David Strauss, from Krones, Inc., will be one of four speakers for this packaging session and will focus on aseptic bottling. At 8 a.m. on Wednesday, October 29th, Beverage Trends I: Market Intelligence, will delve into what's moving beer, soft drinks, waters, juices and juice drinks, dairy drinks, and other drink categories. The session will be presented by Beverage Marketing Corp.'s Gary Hemphill.

For more information on the full conference schedule, navigate to the website,

Exhibit hours run from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. For information on housing and registration, e-mail [email protected]. For general show information, write to [email protected]. Or, visit the website mentioned above. Circle No. 400.

A.R. Arena Products-S7874: New features on the Area Shipper™ plastic, collapsible bag-in-box system, the Grace BES 300™ designed to unload viscous food ingredients without bin dumping or scooping, and the patented Starfish Air-Evac system.

Accu-Sort Systems-S4932

Advanced Detection Systems-N2755: Redesigned washdown-duty metal detectors feature flush-mounted, brushed-aluminum control panels and are built to withstand tough conditions. Washdown styling is available in both conveyor-mounted and pipeline models.

AEP Industries-S4200

AEW Thurne-N1621: AEW Delford Systems combine automatic portion-control slicing and sawing with Sortaweigh checkweighing, grading and weigh/price labeling equipment.

Alcoa Closure Systems-S8650

AMBEC-S6641: Cobra laning system smoothly transfers containers from a single lane up to 10 lanes. Offers switch on-the-fly motion, automatic changeovers and low-friction rail surfaces. Isometric Air Deck conveyor transports various lightweight products using patented bi-directional airflow system.

Ampac-N1268: Extrusion/ blown film is provided in custom structures for specific packaging requirements. Specialty Film Team can develop proprietary film blends to meet many specifications, from simple monolayer structures to complex, sophisticated 14-layer coex constructions.

Anko Food Machines-S3000: Food-processing equipment.

A-One Mfg.-N130: Racking system tiered storage-unit holds more than 200 containers. The FIFO gravity-feed design and double lifts on infeed and outfeed ends help maximize freezer or ambient storage space.

Arisean-N168: Rebuilt Dixie Union vacuum-packaging machines, troubleshooting services, OEM parts of Dixie packaging machines, a range of slicer blades and injector needles.

Autoprod-S5639: Fast-Pack (FP) yogurt filling and closing systems accommodate multiple-product, swirled, side-by-side and layered fills. FP series reaches speeds up to 57,600 cups/hr.

Axon-S8659: New all-mechanical EZ-Sleever high-speed shrink-sleeve label applicator reaches speeds to 300 cpm. Applies full-body sleeve labels as thin as 35 microns. Features a touchscreen interface, a patented cutting assembly and quick container size changes.

B.W. Cooney-S3420: With Omori Machinery Co. Ltd., exhibitor introduces new DW 2500 End Seal Super Fresh horizontal flowrapper that packs meat and poultry at speeds up to 60 packages/min. Also, PVC Family Pack machine for speeds to 120 ppm.

Baldor Electric-S6438

Bell-Mark Sales-N111: Unique ink-jet coder works with Cryovac bag loaders. Inteli-Jet programmable printer generates variable data in real-time, as well as sell-by dates, bar codes, time/date codes and lot/expiration dates directly onto Cryovac bags. Single printhead applies up to 4 lines of print.

Berry Plastics-S5610

Bevco Sales-S7210: XZPPI cap/headspace sterilizer for hot-filled juices places a bottle on its side so the hot liquid contacts the inside of the cap for a predetermined time. Prevents bottle distortion and can run an assortment of bottles. Also, Wepackit Model 300.

Blue Ridge Paper Products-S5622

Blumer USA-S3102

Bonar Plastics-N2640

Bryant Passivation Services-S4913: Corrosion control for stainless-steel equipment, achieved by passivation and electropolishing.

Buckhorn-S3919: Citade™ collapsible, smooth-sided bulk box provides efficient, safe storage and transport of bulk sauces, meat and other foods. Comes in a 48 x 45 x 47-in. size with strength to hold up to 300 gal or 3,000 lb.

Busch-N264: R 5 0255 rotary-vane vacuum pump is oil-recirculating, rugged and continuous-duty; requires no water and is air-cooled. Compact design can be quickly, easily installed.

C&D Robotics-S6726

Cannon Equipment-S8405: Gravity-style case loader is capable of depositing 8-oz PET bottles to gallons into plastic dairy cases.

Carteret Coding-N2819: Date and lot coding products for primary and secondary packages, the ACC170 reciprocating coder, a pneumatically activated device, vertical and horizontal systems, a continuous-motion small-character ink-jet coder, label dispenser/ imprinters and a tabletop bag coder.

Carruthers Equipment-N1653: Six-pack economical filler portions meat, poultry, seafood, pasta, rice and vegetable products into case-ready trays, pouches or filmstock. VF-Series packs sauces from rollstock in single or multiple lanes.


Colby Powder Systems-S6578: Powder-handling systems and packing equipment featuring sanitary designs, advanced controls, and service and maintenance programs.

Columbia Machine-S8583: New LT35 load-transfer station provides simple transfer of up to 250 product loads in an 8-hr shift. Stacker holds up to 18 pallets. Compact FL10 floor-level palletizer reaches speeds of up to 10 cases/min.

Combi Packaging Systems-S6490: Case erecting, loading and sealing equipment, including the Combi Ergopack hand-pack system and a variety of other end-of-line packaging equipment for demanding three-shift production environments. Water-washdown- compliant models are available across entire product line.

Constar Intl.-S9247

Convergent Label Technology-N2232: Weigh/price labeler with a sanitary design features easy access and low maintenance, digital loadcells and stainless-steel construction.

Cosplastic-S3301: Flexible monolayer and coextruded plastic vacuum-packs, bags and other packages for cereal, grains, dairy and meat products.

Cott Technologies-N2549: New Colimatic Thera 450 and 650 equipment.

CPOR-S5614: FCP 550V case packer on an integrated line demonstrating versatility and flexibility with multiple product types.

CPT/Green-Tek-N163: Barrier trays and lidding, microwavable cooking systems, dual-ovenable tray and lidding, forming and nonforming films, rollstock and vacuum pouches.

Cryovac Div., Sealed Air-N1220: Packaging systems for perishable foods, smoked and processed meats and self-serve deli items include new Smart Rack roll-serrated bag dispenser, OS 4104 oxygen-scavenging triggering unit, 8800 rotary vacuum chamber machine, BL-125 automated loin loader, Multivac's T-270 Darfresh machine producing new Simple Step packaging and Tipper Tie's new flat-sheet casing system.

150582-reddot.jpgCurwood, a Bemis co.-S3006: New ArmorX® shrink bags with total perimeter protection and the new Surround shrink bags with 360-deg printing. Also, an entire line of convenience features designed to help the "package make it possible," as well as high-barrier and nonbarrier protective film for food and nonfood applications and nationwide support with machinery, film supplies, film and machine service. Circle No. 24.

Custom Metal Designs-S7680: Conveyors and container-handling equipment, baggers, debaggers, elevators, lowerators, single-filers, annealing units and rack loaders.

CVP Systems-N1049: MAP packaging such as new Z-2000 automates production of "mother" bags for case-ready meat. Positively places trays in bag, then vacuums, gas-flushes and seals.

D&L Mfg.-S9220: Bottle washing, filling, capping and decapping equipment for 3-, 5- and 6-gal bottles reaches speeds from 120 to 4,000 bph. Also, rack and case loading/unloading equipment and bottle cleaners.

Damrow-S8059: Robotic and conventional materials handling systems for the dairy industry include, assemblers, decartoners, bag strippers, barrel erectors, case packers and rapid coolers.

Delkor Systems-S6614: Tray-Pak® one-way shippers convert quickly to display-ready trays. Speeds time from case to shelf, and provides a full package view of the shelved product.

Deluxe Paper/Deluxe Packaging-S6988: Ecolean material/wrapping material offers new marketing alternatives to foil and waxed paper. Made of calcium carbonate and PE, the flexible material provides low environmental impact.

Demeter-S8425: Case packing, container and package conveyors, depolarizing and palletizing.

Diagraph, an ITW co.-S6791: Marking, coding and labeling solutions include the Linx 6800 general-purpose small-character ink-jet printer with no moving parts, low-maintenance printhead and one-button startup/shutdown. Linx 6800 Spectrum special-purpose printer works with pigmented inks on dark surfaces and features a dedicated ink pump, power-saving software and consistent ink dispersion. Also, IJ/3000 and IJ/3000 Impulse Jet large-character ink-jet printers that combine patented integrated-valve print technology, and the ALP/4500 modular, automated labeling system, delivering up to 300 dpi resolution.

Double "H" Plastics-S8118: New in-mold-labeled pint and ice cream lids, 56-oz ice cream containers and paper-sided lids are examples of the cultured dairy and frozen dessert packages in an array of shapes and sizes made via proprietary injection-molding technology.

Eastman Chemical-S8120: Embrace copolyester shrink film can be used for dairy, water, juice, liquor, sports drink and soft drink beverage packaging. Provides excellent clarity, printability and toughness, to increase shelf visibility, presence and product appeal.

Economy Folding Box-S7085: Eight-color offset litho printing, die-cutting, gluing, plate- and die-making, metal edge application and waxing services are all performed in-house.

Electro-Steam Generator-S7252: All-electric steam generators for point-of-use placement require no pretreatment chemicals. Are easy to install and maintain.


150582-reddot.jpgEriez Magnetics-S8280: A full line of permanent and electromagnetic separators and metal detectors for removing unwanted tramp metal from the product stream. Vibratory screening feeders and gyratory screen separators help classify dry products by size. Vibratory feeders and conveyors, as well as bin vibrators, help keep production lines moving. Circle No. 26.

150582-reddot.jpgEvergreen Packaging Equipment/International Paper-S7214: New advanced hygiene bottle filler, a Micro-Pak gabletop filler and an ESL gabletop filler for spouted liter containers. Circle No. 73.

ExxonMobil Chemical-S6822: Paxon® HDPE resins for liquid food containers, as well as other packaging materials and containers will be shown by the HDPE Resins Group. The OPP Films Business will offer OPPalyte 35 WOW, OPPalyte 45 WOW and OPPalyte 278 WOS-2 white opaque films, developed specifically for the frozen novelties as an alternative to paper wrappers.

F.R. Drake-N459: Design and manufacture of automatic loading systems with enhanced sanitation for hot dogs, sausages and other cylindrically shaped products and frozen patties.

Fabricon Products-S6280: Flexible packaging for dairy, confectionery, bakery and meat/poultry includes printed and plain rollstock, custom pouches on waxed and coated papers, clear, white and metallized films, and laminated substrates.

Fabri-Kal-S6622: Custom thermoformed plastic containers in various volumes for food applications, including specialty thin-gauge polyolefins such as PP and HDPE.

Fanuc Robotics America-S7616


Field Container-S6814: Model 1020 servo-driven, standalone universal screw denester can denest items with uniform stacking features and edges at speeds to 300 containers/min. Is suitable for trays made of foam, PET, CPET, PS and other plastics.

Filler Specialties-S8614: AWFS-3010 medium-speed filler with a 10-head pick-and-place magnetic-head capper for flat caps and sport caps handles bottles from 8 oz to 5 L at speeds up to 300 bpm. GWFS-248 filler with rotary capper fills bottles up to 1 gal at speeds to 140 bpm.

Fogg Filler-S6432: Filling, rinsing and capping equipment with creative solutions to complex filling problems and new machine options based on customers' needs and requests.

150582-reddot.jpgFortress Technology-S8318: Metal detection systems such as the Phantom Digital (DSP) metal detector will be on display and include gravity inspection, pipeline inspection and conveyorized systems. Sensitivity is maintained over a broad temperature range. Features removable control panels. Circle No. 103.

Framarx/Waxstar-N2843: Hamburger patty paper, interleaving sheets and rollstock, bacon layout paper, waxed paper and freezer wrap.

G&F Mfg.-S6683: Liquid fillers, fillers for pastes and creams, labelers, cappers, stainless-steel processors, kettles, tanks and pressure vessels.

150582-reddot.jpg Genpak-S7450: Flexible packaging of preformed bags and roll films in paper, PE, OPP, cellophane and other materials in single- and multilayer laminated constructions for food and nonfood applications include standup pouches, square and wedge-bottom structures with optional tin-ties, windows, zippers and label closures. Circle No. 110.

Graham Machinery Group-S8608: Enters the traditional single-layer, lightweight dairy bottle machinery market with the introduction of its GMG line of reciprocating screw blow molders; offers the latest technology for HDPE milk jug production, and spare parts and retrofit packages for competitive brands.

Grayling Industries-S7194: Custom-engineered Guardian form-fitted disposable container liners made from a variety of flexible film materials for FIBCs, IBCs, drums and corrugated boxes.

Greif-S8643:Steel, plastic, fibre, corrugated and multiwall containers and protective packaging for a range of industries. Also produces containerboard and manages timber properties in North America.

Greydon-S4748: Two-color in-line flexo printers; thermal-transfer printers; traversing ink-jet systems; traversing Hewlett-Packard technology systems; reciprocating wet-ink printers.

H&R Industries-S7480: Insulated container and cart systems designed to maintain frozen, sub-frozen and perishable foods and temperature-sensitive products during transport and distribution will be exhibited.

H.H. Franz-S8104: New easy-changeover bottle-handling equipment, as well as improved CIP system for bottle fillers that thoroughly cleans bowl and fill valves.

Habasit Belting-N872: Manufactures HabasitLINK plastic modular belts, fabric conveyor belts, vf/f/s belts, and Flexfeed and Flexfold fabric and plastic belts with anti-microbial additive.

Hamrick Mfg. & Service-S9445: Model Challenger D series case packer with stainless-steel construction and new VL2 case lift.


Hassia U.S.A.-S5639: F/f/s-type FVU pouch machine has 16 lanes that provide four-sided-seal package at speeds to 1,400 pouches/min.

Heat and Control-N228: Systems for meat, poultry, seafood and prepared foods include Ishida Millennium multihead weighers and DACS Max checkweighers; FastBack horizontal motion conveyors, Flexcentric vibratory conveyors and Varilift bucket conveyors; and automatic tray, carton, bag and case fillers and intermittent-motion horizontal bagmakers with single- or multiple-fill positions.

150582-reddot.jpgHi-Speed Checkweigher-S7857: New 250-package/min EZweigh checkweigher is easy to install, operate and clean; Rx2 and Rx3 pharmaceutical checkweighers weigh tablets, liquids, powders, cream fillings, and final cartons and trays, with an accuracy down to 20 mg. Circle No. 36.

Huhtamaki-S7608: Consumer Packaging group provides shaped paperboard, plastic, molded fiber and flexible packaging solutions to a range of consumer product markets.

Imaje-S9151: New Crayon X-tra offers the choice of printing one or two lines of codes on porous or semi-porous surfaces, including plain paperboard, coated paperboard, wood or EPS.

Inex Vision Systems-S5639: High-speed systems for the detection of defects in glass, plastic and consumer packaging. Also displaying its SAFI solution for noncontact sealing surface inspection and the PROLASER laser dimensional gauging unit.

Inject Star of the Americas-N866: Turbovac all-stainless-steel single- and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines; the economy line of compact, single-chamber machines; Europack tray packaging equipment; Inject Star vacuum tumblers and injectors.

International Paper-S7214

150582-reddot.jpgIntralox-N853: Showing the newest modular plastic belt solutions for meat processors, including belts for improving box handling, friction-top belts, roller-top belts, the Series 1500 flush-grid belt, the easy-to-clean family of flat-top belts, and Series 800 and 1600 open-hinge flat-top belts. Circle No. 79.

IPL Plastics-S8176: Will demonstrate how its tamper-evident packaging can promote sales volume increases for its clients, as well as its in-mold labeling capabilities.

IPL Products-S4019: Introducing the SmartCrate 3513-11, the first collapsible, resusable container designed specifically for shipping bone-in loin pork and beef primal meat cuts from primal source plants to case-ready plants.

150582-reddot.jpg Italian Trade Commission-S4306: The commission, a government agency, will provide trade information and product brochures of leading Italian manufacturers of food processing machinery and equipment. Circle No. 37.

Ivarson-S6026: The co., along with Benhil is introducing to the North American market the 135-packet/min Multipack 5000 filling and wrapping machine for pasty products such as butter, margarine or cream cheese.

Jif-Pak Mfg.-N246: Automatic stuffing machine for traditional elastic netting and Casing-Net®; new treatments for Casing-Net, including cherrywood smoke flavor and applewood smoke flavor.

Krones-S9637: PET bottle stretch/blow molders; palletizers/depalletizers; packers/unpackers; robots; tray/shrink packers; carton-handling systems; bottle washers/rinsers; CIP systems; fillers/closures, mixers, blenders, carbonators and pasteurizers; inspection systems; labelers, sleevers and tamper-evident banders; conveyors for containers, packs and pallets.

Label Makers-S6834

Lacroix Packaging-S8476

Leeson Electric-S8516: New line of stainless-steel motors, the Washguard® SST™, can withstand severe washdown environments. Also displaying a selection of under-$4,000 stock products, such as motors, gearmotors and drives for tough washdown processes.

Linker Equipment-S9431: Rinser/filler/capper; pressure gravity fillers; uncasers; packers; sleeve labelers; conveyors; carbo coolers; cappers; case rinsers; bottle and can rinsers; depalletizers; palletizers; HTST systems.



150582-reddot.jpgLock Inspection Systems-N366: New 3f triple-frequency detector with ADC software and touchscreen interface, the Met30+ Pipeline and the WeighCheck combi unit. Circle No. 53.

Lock N'Pop-S6783

Lockwood Greene-S6850

Loma Systems-N2628

M&Q Packaging-N1574: Manufactures Yieldmaster™ plastic meat casings to provide custom meat adhesion that reduces purge and improves cooking yields. Also, oven cooking bags for whole-muscle meat products and hamburger patties.

MachineWorks-S3506: Bag clipping machines.

Mahaffy & Harder Engineering-N2532: High-speed packaging machine systems using Allen-Bradley controls for meat products, convenience foods, medical devices, consumer products, microwavable and controlled-atmosphere packages, and convenience products in pouches or trays.

MAP Systems-N2168

150582-reddot.jpgMarkem-N2841: Showcasing its SmartTraverse™ multilane systems, SmartLase™ 110/130 laser coders, SmartDate® 3i thermal-transfer systems, SmartTouch™ portable control systems and 5000 Series case printers. Circle No. 52.

McBrady Engineering-S7076: Showing the Orbit bottle cleaner, a patented direct tube injection cleaner, used with the Matrix-style rinse, which enables positive area contact in the bottle to achieve a 5-log reduction and ensure that bottles are free of foreign debris.

MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems-S8668: Offers brand marketing and promotion consultation; packages, packaging materials and containers for food and dairy, frozen/novelty and other markets; and packaging equipment, including bottle- and can-handling systems, among others.

Mechtronics Intl.-S4320: New high-speed, automatic layer packing and stacking system for sausage patties, fresh or IQF hamburgers, break steaks, fish patties or any sliced or formed products. System groups products, interleaves waxed paper or plastic film, and provides uniform stacks.

Metro Label-S3210

Modern Packaging-S8031: Machinery for denesting, filling, heat-sealing and overcapping for cups, tubs, pails, trays, syringes, etc. Rotary and straight-line machines for single or multiple fill operations for various types of products are available.

Monoflo Intl.-N1575: New product line, Food Containers (FC), begins with two industry standard poultry tubs with optional lid. Line uses True Form ergonomic handles, a Lid Separator Notch and a Dura-Clean rim.

Morrison Timing Screw-S6379: Manufactures timing screws and changeparts, custom-designed for users' specific container and packaging systems.

MPBS Industries-N103: New models of Vacu-Fresh® vacuum packaging machines, including single-chamber, double-chamber and tabletop, will be introduced, along with the Reflex tray sealer with MAP, which seals up to 20 trays/min.

M-Tek-N1258: The Corr-vac® Mark VI fully automatic case-ready machine produces up to 16 master packages/min, fed from a single roll of film. Also, the newest model of the Mark III/Bulk Bin machine, which can vacuum/gas-flush 1-ton combo bins.

Multi-Fill-S6977: A new distribution system for the MPFSC 120-01 automatic filler makes filling into multipouch systems efficient at up to 13 to 14 cycles/min. The new MPFMP-060 semi-automatic filler is suited for slow production lines, R&D labs and pilot-type operations.

Multivac-N2202: Tf/f/s rollstock packaging solutions; chamber vacuum pouch sealers; tray sealers; cross-web and in-line labelers for food, medical and consumer product applications. Co. provides strategic consultation, technical design, sales, distribution and service.

Murzan-S6497: Complete range of CIP-capable sanitary pumps for transferring viscous fluids, shear-sensitive liquids and large fragile particles. Also, a line of drum, mixing bowl, kettle and bin-unloading systems.

Nasco Intl.-S8542: Manufactures Whirl-Pak® sterile PE lab sample bags used to transport liquid and solid samples; a new line of standup bags in three sizes; and bags for water sampling, surface testing and more.

New England Machinery-S7914: Offers rotary chuck capper, trigger pump sorter/placer, and various other unscramblers, orienters, cappers, overcappers/lidders, retorquers, torque testers, scoop feeders, desiccant feeders, puckers/depuckers, gap transfers, container uprighters, line integration and more.

150582-reddot.jpgNorden-S7508: Showing the NM850 tube-filling machine with store magazine infeed, along with samples of food in tubes. Circle No. 60.

Norwood Marking Systems-N1572: The ThermalPak™ thermal printer uses multiple head assemblies to print variable information on several packages simultaneously at speeds up to 250 mm/sec.

NuTEC Mfg.-N257: Food-forming equipment for the production of patties, nuggets, meatballs and skinless links, and food-depositing equipment used to deposit a variety of fillings for stuffed sandwiches, calzones and egg rolls.

150582-reddot.jpgO/K Intl.-S4113: The OK Supersealer SS2 bag sealers and the OK Supersealer SB2 band-sealer, as well as the OK Supertaper 1X pack station will be on display. Circle No. 75.

Orics Industries-N268: Designs, fabricates and manufactures food and pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

Osgood Industries-S6619: Model 6600 filler includes servo-operated main and secondary pumps, HEPA filtration, CIP rollstock heat sealing, and overcapping. The Model 2001-R 2-up rotary filler runs from 2-oz to 5-lb containers.

Pace Packaging-S7876: Introducing two new unscramblers: the Omni-line M800 high-speed, which runs 500-mL, lightweight PET bottles at 500 plus/min, and the Pharma-line M300 with a no-changeparts option.

Package Concepts & Materials-N2255: New net casing products designed to reduce production cost and create a distinctive "old-world" appearance for meat and poultry products will be shown, along with an automatic ham stuffer that operates at 1,700 hams/hr.

Packaging Aids Corp.-S4548: Snorkel vacuum/gas sealers; vertical bag-in-box sealers; vacuum chambers; vertical and horizontal f/f/s; and MAP tray sealers.

Packaging Group, The-N2259

Packaging Partners-N2855

Packaging Progressions-N1568

Packaging Technologies-S5639

Pactiv-N1249: Bags, flexible packaging and containers for meat and poultry; MAP packaging; paper and paperboard; rigid plastic and glass containers; trays. Also offers overwrapping machines and packaging systems.

Paper-Pak Industries-N2853: A vertically integrated manufacturer of absorbent products for a variety of packaging applications, including meat, poultry, seafood and produce.

PDC Intl.-S6690: Introducing the Watchman, a proprietary device that works with a PDA to download information from any machine.

Pearson Packaging Systems-N1072: A supplier of case erectors, case loaders, tray formers, multipackers, plastic bottle packers, top sealers, partition inserters and more.

Pechiney Plastic Packaging-N449: Introducing ClearShield™ bone-in shrink bag that delivers patch-less, full-surface puncture protection, even through the sealing area.

Planet Products-N1665: The co.'s sandwich assembly automation, packaging and tray-sealing equipment provide the food industry with excellent throughput.

Plastipak Industries-S8150, S9231

Polypack-S7868: The co. engineers a diverse range of quality shrink-wrap and other packaging equipment.


Portola Packaging-S8204

Posimat-S8610: Displaying the Posi-switch unscrambler for plastic bottles; the new Posijet double neck guide air conveyor; and Posijet Cans.

Prototype Development-S9339: Single- and triple-thread crown-top, 48-mm threaded.

150582-reddot.jpgQuick Label Systems-S9320:Producer of full-color prime display labels with variable information in custom quantities. Circle No. 1.

QuikWater-S4025: Thermal-efficient direct-contact water heaters provide portable hot water on-demand.

R.A. Jones & Co.-S5639: Manufacturer of cartoners, multipackers, pouch machines, product-transfer and collation systems, and robotics.


Remcon Plastics-N2559: Material handling containers in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 1 to 50 cu ft.

Riverwood Intl.-S6556

Robbie Mfg. -N472: The new Hot'n'Handy family of standup pouches for deli takeout.

Robert Reiser & Co.-N802

Roberts Polypro-S9268: Single Easylift beverage carriers provide consumers with handling capabilities for 1-gal bottles.

Rocheleau Tool & Die-S9270: Exhibiting the RS25 line of extrusion/blow-molding machinery.


Rockwell Automation-S5156


150582-reddot.jpgSafeline-S3424: The new Powerphase Plus metal detector operates at ultra-high frequencies of approximately 800 kHz. Circle No. 30.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastic-S8156


150582-reddot.jpgSeal-It-S6941: Specializes in heat-shrink sleeve labels and tamper-evident bands made from PVC, PET-G and OPS films. Circle No. 14.


150582-reddot.jpgSidel-S7201: Providing conveyors, aseptic packaging equipment/components, blow-molding equipment, fillers and filling equipment. Circle No. 15.

Sipromac-N2259: The new and updated TS-70 tray sealer.

Span Tech-S5826: The Designer System™ family of continuous-curving conveyors includes adjustable-wedge units, inclines, declines and other types.

Spectrum Pack-S4106: Thermo-shrinkable plastic casing.

Statco Engineering Fabricators-S8256: Process and packaging equipment.

Steel Valley Group-S9147: Polycarbonate bottles with handles, bottle racks and hand trucks for the bottle industry.

Stock Packaging-S7879: A distributor of stock packaging systems, such as plastic trays, sealing machines and a variety of lidding films.

Stoffel Seals-N2742: Packaging material and containers; label and label supplies for the food, dairy, meat and poultry industries.

Strasburger & Siegel-S5013: Analytical chemistry, microbiology, filth and extraneous analysis, FDA detention-related analyses.

Sun Pacific Homeware Industries-S9623: Offering porcelain water jugs.

Superfos Packaging-S6483: Injection-molded plastic containers and lids featuring watertight performance.

Sweetheart Packaging-S6919

SWF Companies-S7183: Providing packaging automation solutions worldwide and offering tray, bliss and RSC formers/sealers, among other products.

150582-reddot.jpgTapTone-S8617: The new T500-F force sensor for LN2-dosed and pressurized containers. Circle No. 97.

Tetra Pak-S6014

150582-reddot.jpg Thermo Electron-S7946: Offering checkweighing, coding, marking and imprinting equipment for the meat, dairy and poultry industries. Circle No. 87.

Tomlinson Industries-S9039: The 600 Series pinch tube faucet is used with a sanitary bag and tube.

TQ Constructors-S7790: Fabrication and installation of sanitary process and plant service utility systems for the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Traco Mfg. -S7992: Demonstrating advanced graphic services and mock-up capabilities for printed shrink labels.

Triune Enterprises-N1568: Manufacturer of Boneguard In rolls, perforated rolls and sheets.

U.S. Cap Systems-S6380

ULMA Packaging Systems-N462: Offering thermoforming, tray overwrap, hf/f/s and vf/f/s machinery.

Ultrafilter Intl. -S7754: Compressed gas, steam and liquid purification equipment.

VC999 Packaging Systems-N241: Specializing in vacuum packaging equipment for retail or industrial applications in the food industries.

Viskase-N1058: Offering casing solutions to the meat and poultry industry worldwide.

Vista Intl. Packaging-N233: Announcing the distribution of VISKO® Net, an alternative to traditional netted casings.


150582-reddot.jpgWeber Marking Systems-S8264: Labeling and coding systems for use in food, dairy, meat and beverage industries. Circle No. 33.


Westfalia Technologies-S6446: Custom-automated storage and retrieval systems; gravity- flow systems; warehouse management systems.

Wire Belt Co. of N.A.-N2631: A supplier of open-mesh stainless-steel conveyor belts, offering the Flat-Flex®.

World Pack Intl. USA-N855: Patented high-barrier casings that transfer smoke, flavors, colors and spices to all meat, cheese and seafood products.

Yerecic Label-S9264: Offering prime labels, On-Pack removable recipes/cooking directions, instant redeemable coupons and more.

Zip-Pak-N2616: The Zip-Pak® Slider™ for thermoform applications and a new overwrap zipper applicator for cheese packaging.

Zitropack-S7090: A designer and manufacturer of in-line and rotary packaging equipment for the food, dairy and confectionary industries.

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