FDA Food, Pet, & Drug Recall Update: February 2024

Here are the food & beverage, pet product, and drug/medical device recalls by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Kristen Kazarian, Managing Editor

March 5, 2024

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FDA February 2024 recalls
The high number of recalls were largely due to a major recall that expanded from January.Image courtesy of vicuschka / iStock via Getty Images

There were 40 recalls announced by the FDA in the month of February, which increased from January with 30.

Of the 40 recalls, 33 were food or beverage products, 7 were drugs/medical devices, and none in the pet product category.

Food & Beverage

20 products were recalled due to possible Listeria contamination. All but one were due to the major January recall for Rizo-Lopez Foods’ packaged cotija cheese, which expanded to include various cheese, yogurt, and sour cream not only in packages but also as part of salad kits and sandwiches. The recall has affected nearly 30 brands.

  • Sam Sung Soy Bean Sprouts

  • Rojo's Black Bean 6 Layer Dip

  • Don Pancho, HEB, Trader Joe's Cilantro Lime Crema, Everything Sauce Fiesta, Cilantro Cotija dressing, Poblano Caesar dressing, Cilantro Dressing, Street Taco Express Meal Kit

  • Bright Farms Southwest Chipotle Crunch Kit salad kit

  • Marketside, Ready Pac Bistro Southwest Chopped Salad Kit, Bacon Ranch Crunch Kit, Fresh Mex Chopped Kit, Queso Crunch Salad Kit, Bacon Ranch Crunch Chopped Salad Kit, and Bacon Ranch Kit.

  • Albertsons, Safeway, Eagle, Carrs-Safeway, Pavilions, Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw's, Star Market, Lucky Chicken Taco Kits and Meals

  • Fresh and Ready, Sprig and Sprout, Jack and Olive Torta sandwiches

  • Dole Fresh Vegetables salad kits: Chopped Kit Avocado Ranch, Premium Kit Southwest Salad, Cajun Ranch Chopped Kit, Premium Kit Endless Summer, Supreme Kit Southwest Salad

  • President's Choice Southwest Salad Kit

  • The Perfect Bite Co. Mexican Style Street Corn Bites

  • Stater Bros., SaveMart Chicken Street Taco Kit

  • Sprout's Farmers Market Chicken Street Taco Kit

  • MG Foods Ham & Cotija Torta Sandwich on Telera Roll

  • Bristol Farms Chicken Street Taco Kit

  • Rico Enchiladas

10 additional products were recalled due to undeclared allergens or other ingredients:

  • Electric City Sweets Red Velvet Milk Chocolate Bars – undeclared milk

  • Saigon Gourmet Banh Ba Xa and Banh Pia – undeclared egg

  • H&Natural Brazil Seed Pure Natural Semilla de Brasil & Tejo Root, Raize de Tejocte – due to yellow oleander, a poisonous plant

  • Alipotec King Alipotec Raiz de Tejocote – due to yellow oleander, a poisonous plant

  • Golden Owl Dried Mango – undeclared sulfites

  • CK, Jacksons Turkey and cheese sandwich, egg sandwich, chicken salad on a croissant –undeclared sesame

  • Zingerman’s Bakehouse Black Magic Brownie – undeclared walnuts

  • Hearty Acquisitions Inc. Tomato Basil with Rice – undeclared soy

  • Wegmans Harissa hummus topped with harissa – undeclared sesame

  • 365 Whole Foods Ultimate Veggie Thin Crust Pizza – undeclared milk

1 product was recalled due to possible Salmonella contamination:

  • Roland Tahini (100% ground sesame seeds) 16 oz.

1 product was recalled due to elevated level of Vitamin D3 dosage:

  • Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3 Liquid

1 product was recalled due to possible E. coli contamination:

  • Raw Farm LLC Raw Cheddar Cheese

Drug & Medical Device

There were 7 recalls in the drug & medical device category, which was the same as in January.

  • Ting 1% Tolnaftate Athlete’s Foot Spray Antifungal Spray Liquid – presence of benzene

  • Covidien and Cardinal Health Expanded list of Urology- and OR room-specific kits and trays – potential lack of sterility assurance which could result in non-sterile product

  • Sustan, Schwinnng Male Enhancement Capsules – undeclared Tadalafil and Nortadalafil

  • Arize Male Enhancement Capsules – undeclared Nortadalafil

  • Multiple brands Eye Ointment Products – potential lack of sterility assurance

  • Avanos Medical MIC* Gastric-Jejunal Feeding Tube Kits – potential lack of sterility assurance

  • Megadyne Mega Soft Universal and Universal Plus Reusable Patient Return Electrodes – Limit use to patients aged 12 years and older

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