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Vertical bagger makes Doyen-style pouches in a much smaller footprint

Article-Vertical bagger makes Doyen-style pouches in a much smaller footprint

Vertical bagger makes Doyen-style pouches in a much smaller footprint
Close-up shows how the zipper material is added to the Doyen-style pouch on this vertical form-fill-sealer. The fin seal is at front of the forming tube and bottom gussets are already formed on the back side. Horizontal sealing creates the bag's sides.

Stand-up pouches with reclosable zippers have become more and more popular in recent years. Traditionally these have been made on horizontal pouch machines. Bosch Packaging has turned this concept on end.

At first glance, the Model SVE252 from Bosch Packaging, aka the Doy Zip bagger, looks like a typical vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) bagger, and there are similarities in the material path and filling. The difference is that this one makes a true Doyen-style pouch with a zipper.

Advantages include speed (100 bags per minute) and reduced footprint (6 sq ft) when compared with a horizontal poucher.

Film is unrolled and formed over a special mandrel that also adds the V to the bottom for stand-up gussets. The film extends to the front of the mandrel, a zipper is fed between the seals and it is all welded together to form the "top" of the finished pouch. As the pouch pulls down, a horizontal bar seals the sides and cuts the pouches apart.

Bosch feels that this machine is so revolutionary that they have set up a dedicated website at

Check it out at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2800.

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