7 identification technologies on display

Daphne Allen

September 20, 2017

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7 identification technologies on display
OPTEL's BottleTracker and NJM Packaging’s TROTTER W. Image courtesy NJM

Coding and labeling expectations for medical devices and pharmaceuticals continue to evolve thanks to Unique Device Identification, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and user needs. Several exhibitors at Pack Expo Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging Expo will be highlighting their latest identification solutions September 25-27. Click through our list for a preview.

Serialization and Aggregation from OPTEL and NJM

OPTEL GROUP will be exhibiting an entire serialized line at Booth N-309 featuring OPTEL's BottleTracker integrated with NJM Packaging’s TROTTER W pressure-sensitive labeler (see photo above). The BottleTracker, which prints and inspects a temporary unique identifier on the bottom of a bottle in black or UV ink, will track bottles as they are placed into secondary packages such as bundles or cases. NJM’s TROTTER W wraparound labeler can be equipped with a thermal transfer and/or laser printer to print serialized 2-D bar codes and alphanumeric codes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and more onto preprinted pressure-sensitive labels. Together these two units can achieve complete in-line serialization as well as aggregation on secondary packaging. The demo will showcase various inspections, including the presence and placement of labels, topserts, and sideserts.  

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Sealer Assists with Unique Device Identification 

OK Sealer's Supersealer Medical Band Sealer (MBS) has been enhanced to help medical device packagers with UDI requirements. The company partnered with Code Tech and Keyence to integrate a UDI Thermal Ink Jet coder with the sealer along with a Keyence Reader. All components are run through one HMI, and sealing and coding are done in one step. The Supersealer MBS continuously seals a wide range of medical packaging materials including Plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, PET, Coated Tyvek, paper and plastic, laminated foil, and metalized foil bags. Visit Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2631 for more details.

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Serialization and Aggregation from MGS Machine

MGS Machine will highlight its new line-level serialization solutions at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-3925. Working with INEL, MGS offers customized turnkey solutions for serialization and aggregation. The system integrates a unit-level packaging machine with software that assigns unique numbers to these units of sale and manages this data on a line level; a printer codes the units while a vision system verifies that the codes are compliant. These serialized units can be aggregated during case packing and palletizing to create child-parent-grandparent relationships. The software tracks all relevant data, managing all the numbers including those associated with products that are rejected, reworked, and reintroduced. These line level systems are designed to easily interface with customers’ site servers and enterprise systems.
Fully automated aggregation systems use an MGS case packer and robotic palletizer while semi-automated solutions use aggregation stations. Both automated and semi-automated systems integrate the line-level software with print-and-apply labelers to generate and affix unique labels to cases and pallets and vision systems to verify the validity of the labels. MGS offers full IQ/OQ validation support.

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Cloud serialization solution from Adents and Microsoft 

Adents, in collaboration with Microsoft, will highlight the Cloud serialization and traceability solution Adents Prodigi at Healthcare Packaging Expo Booth N-219. The Level 4 traceability solution can centrally manage regulatory requirements mandated in the pharmaceutical industry, Adents reports. In addition, it offers data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI), machine learning tools and additionnal capabilities through third-party solutions such as OEE Tracker and Supplier Portal, each developed by consulting firm Supply Chain Wizard. Adents will also demonstrate Adents Seriza, a fully configurable, standardized serialization software solution that offers levels of flexibility and scalability for Level 2-3 serialization.

NEXT: Hapa's Industry 4.0–ready UV Digital System 


Industry 4.0–ready UV Digital System

Scheduled for demonstration at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-3800Hapa's Web 4.0 is an in-house modular platform for web printing. The UV digital, roll-to-roll system will produce two-color printing on blister foil. The Web 4.0 systems are designed for easy setup, operation, and maintenance, the company reports, and they can be integrated easily onto existing or new packaging lines. 

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2-D bar code verifier

At Healthcare Packaging Expo Booth N-441, the Axicon 15500 portable 2-D and linear bar code verifier offers a FOV of 95 mm x 70 mm, allowing users to check a wider range of bar code sizes than with any other 1D/2D verifier currently available, the company reports. The Axicon 15500 will check Data Matrix, GS1 DataMatrix, QR Code, and GS1 QR Code, as well as any EAN, UPC, GS1 DataBar, ITF-14 or GS1-128 symbol up to 95 mm wide. The verifier automatically applies the correct parameters for assessing each bar code based on the requirements of the appropriate ISO/IEC or application standard, the company reports. The electronic record (scan file) for each test includes all the codes in the field of view.  The software is switchable between eight different languages (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Slovenian, and Spanish), and also includes several options for checking the data content of symbols.

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Manual Serialization Station

The Mettler Toledo PCE (PharmaControl Electronic) Manual Serialization Station (MSS) offers all the required components for printing and verifying codes on cartons. The desktop MSS consists of a marking unit, a code verification tool, proper product handling for high print accuracy, a software package, and an HMI. An ink-jet printer  is adjustable along the X and Y axes, and the Vision Configuration Unit (VCU) within the HMI is ten inches wide and can be rotated 90 degrees for viewing flexibility. The moving plate with connected encoder facilitates a flexible coding process. Printed codes are easily verified using a Bluetooth hand scanner with a 3-meter USB cable, the company reports. Visit Healthcare Packaging Expo N-306 for a demonstration.

For more information about the show, taking place September 25-27, visit https://www.packexpo.com

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