How to increase labeling speeds without replacing your machine

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

February 2, 2017

Don’t you wish there was a way to tap higher speeds on a packaging machine with little to no effort or expense? Wish granted. A new shrink-sleeve labeler “unlocks” higher speeds via software so you can start with (and pay for) entry level speeds and simply increase speed as demand rises.

This new concept of scaling up production was launched by Sleeve Seal at Pack Expo 2016 and is available on the company’s entry-level FS1 Flex System, thanks to the CompactLogix processor and 5069 dual Ethernet port from Rockwell Automation. The labeler also uses Allen Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drives and Allen Bradley VPL servo motors for precise and smooth speed control.

The FS1 can vary labeling speeds from 25 to 300 containers per minute. In development is the FS2, with speeds starting at 200 containers per minute and able to expand to 500.

The untapped speed can be instantly unlocked two ways: (1) in person with a laptop that has the key or (2) remotely through an internet connection or a cellular card.

According to Sleeve Seal principal Jason Jones, who demonstrated this at the show, the cost of the additional output will depend on the project.

With a small footprint, the FS1 accommodates label lengths from 25 to 180 millimeters and bottle diameters from 25 to 125mm.



See a host of new ideas in packaging machinery, materials and more at PackEx Montreal 2016, Nov. 30-Dec. 1, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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