ID and bar-code reader

January 29, 2014

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ID and bar-code reader


The AV6010 long-range camera system cuts installation time an estimated 70 percent over comparable systems, by using a unique Auto Configuration Wizard and by integrating a camera, illumination, a decoder and power supplies into a single unit. Ideal for high-speed parcel sorting, the AV6010 offers the easy installation, high reliability and superior performance for 1D and 2D bar-code reading as well as OCR and video coding applications for warehouse and distribution center applications, where high-end camera-based solutions previously were too complex. All major AV6010 components are field-replaceable modules. The AV6010 offers 75,000 hr of MTBF, yet it takes a mere 10 hr to install a six-sided tunnel along with complete commissioning. As the newest addition to the Accu-Vision product line, the AV6010 serves as the new technology platform for future co. products and offers superior imaging based on the following standards-setting protocols: new automatic compensations for camera angle, package skew and belt-speed variation; a new optical lens design for much higher image quality than standard lenses provide; improved package profiling for smoother, more accurate focusing; and a redesigned auto-focus system for better and much faster box profiling and higher reliability, the co. reports.

Accu-Sort Systems, Inc., 800/BAR-CODE (800/887-8699)

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