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Mobile app ties a product's bar code to customized nutritional info

Article-Mobile app ties a product's bar code to customized nutritional info


Honest Label Foods LLC, has launched a new smartphone application, the Honest Label Foods Scanner. The application allows consumers to scan the bar codes of food products and receive clear, concise nutritional information based on customized settings. The easy-to-use Honest Label Foods Scanner allows shoppers to quickly identify products made with ingredients they want to avoid. It lists daily values based on a user's personal needs rather than an arbitrary serving size, making it ideal for all consumers, especially those with specific dietary needs. 

"The Honest Label Foods Scanner is a one-of-a-kind application that provides consumers with instant clarity on food labels," says Taylor Ernst, CEO of Honest Label Foods. "Traditional food labels can often be confusing and misleading, but now with Honest Label Foods, shoppers can find the best products for their lifestyle needs right away without tediously reading every label. I'm dedicated to empowering shoppers with information that will assist them in making healthier and more informed decisions in the grocery store. I'm also excited to partner with food manufacturers to provide a service that promotes transparency and improvements in the food labeling industry." 

The Honest Label application takes the guesswork out of healthy eating by instantly providing accurate nutritional information on foods commonly found in the supermarket. Through it, users are able to customize their preferences by highlighting ingredients they want to avoid, a particularly helpful feature for those with specialized diets. Users can also adjust the FDA daily recommendation for calories and other nutritional guidelines to fit their own personal requirements. 

To use the Honest Label Foods Scanner, users simply hold the phone steady and aim the camera at the bar code. The phone will automatically recognize the food product. The application then provides an easy-to-read digital label so shoppers can immediately see if a product contains any ingredients they're trying to avoid, as well as how it fits into their personal daily requirements. 

Honest Label Foods also provides benefits for food manufacturing partners, who can gain legitimacy and credibility in consumers' eyes by being transparent and forthcoming about their food labeling claims. As member partners, food producers receive the benefit of appearing as a suggested option for shoppers when they scan products that do not fit their nutritional needs.


The Honest Label Foods Scanner is free to download, and available through the iTunes Store and Android App Market. The application operates on iPhone and Android phones. For more information on Honest Label Foods, please visit For information on becoming a brand partner, email [email protected].


Source: Honest Label Foods



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