Sleeve labels help relaunch Mini Oreos in Spain

January 29, 2014

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Sleeve labels help relaunch Mini Oreos in Spain

148394-pdx0610dtrends9.jpgUnited Biscuits Spain has relaunched Mini Oreo cookie packaging with a new sleeve-label design from Sleever Intl. ( The biscuit market being hugely competitive in Europe, companies must get their products and packaging right, says Sleever. Not only does the packaging have to look good, with an immediate visual impact that encourages shoppers to pick it up, but it also has to be practical and must keep the product fresh. That means its labeling must carry the right information as clearly as possible. With that in mind, Sleever uses its SI–OPS-TF/050 sleeve-label film for the Mini Oreo application. The film accepts reverse printing in eight colors. Printed with brightly colored graphics, the sleeve film is durable enough for morphing, or distorting of the printing on the sleeve prior to applying it to the container. Sleever says it prints the film in such away that the design appears undistorted, even though the sleeve follows the contours of the cup. Developed in the U.S., the American-style cup for Mini Oreos is new to the European market.

Together with intriguing label designs, the cup also has high retail impact, United Biscuits says. “This is an extremely competitive market, and it's vital to grab the customers' attention with labeling that makes consumers aware straightaway that they are looking at a great-tasting, high-quality product they [will] want to buy,” adds Eric Masson of Sleever. The Mini Oreos cookie line includes six variations and a new diet cookie with reduced sugar and added fiber. “United Biscuits has put innovation into the product,” says Masson. With consumers buying more “mini” cookies, Mini Oreos should be calienté in Spain.

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