Cobot adds flexibility to case erecting/sealing operation

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

February 21, 2019

Instead of minimizing changeover in your case erecting operation, how about eliminating it entirely? In a flexible setup that can accommodate up to 10 different size case magazines, a single collaborative robot is able to randomly pick and erect up to 8 cases per minute and present them to an operator for subsequent packing.

Recorded at WestPack 2019, the short video above shows how a Universal Robot cobot picks up a case flat from one of the magazines, opens and positions it so the bottom flaps are ready for sealing, and passes it across a Shurtape pressure-sensitive tape sealing head.

The Xpak Robox collaborative case erector can select different case sizes from the available magazines, randomly, as needed. The cobot can service up to 10 magazines. Speeds can be higher if the robot is run in regular mode instead of cobot mode, but then you’d need some physical barriers for employee protection because you would lose the inherent human safety aspects of the collaborative robot.

Floorspace is also less than a conventional case erector.


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