Prana Organic Picks Productive Case Packing System

Prana Organic hits the productivity sweet spot with turnkey robotic solution for case forming, case packing, and case sealing of pouches of granola products.

April 25, 2023

Customers for Prana Organic granola products pioneer run the gamut from big box to mom-and-pop outlets throughout Canada.

To keep up with growth and to optimize its operations, the brand boosted end-of-line productivity with robotic automation from Paxiom.

The Milwaukee, WI-based machinery builder provided a turnkey pick-and-place case forming, packing, and sealing system for resealable stand-up pouches. The integrated solution is anchored by a delta-style pick-and-place robot.

“It was an area in our production that was labor-intensive with repetitive movement and safety hazards,” says Julie Sequin, VP of operations. “This simplifies that step of our process.”

The informative seven-minute video includes a tour of the line.

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