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Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging Conference Announces Dates for 2024

Article-Medical Packaging Conference Announces Dates for 2024

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Still held in May, thePACKout conference changes venue to southern California and invites you to “ride the wave of innovation and inspiration.”

For the last two years, medical device manufacturers (MDMs) have gathered in Austin, Texas, for thePACKout conference. This medical packaging conference was created for the industry, by the industry. With boots-on-the-ground experience, the conference organizers have crafted program agendas that address the challenges they and their peers face day to day.

As an invited guest and media partner for both events, I’ve witnessed the energy and excitement the organizers, speakers, sponsors, and other attendees bring to the event. If the first event was a homerun, the second one was a grand slam.

I’m excited to see what the next event will bring. For 2024, thePACKout conference will be held May 14-16 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in Coronado, California (near San Diego). Follow thePACKout on LinkedIn to learn more about the conference as details are released.

Packaging Digest asked thePACKout event founders and organizers what’s new and different about its third annual event. Here’s what they have to say …

(Left to right, top to bottom) Jill Cinalli, Global Marketing Communications Manager at Oliver Healthcare Packaging;
Kiley Djupstrom, Secretary of thePACKout;
Jenn Goff, Global Director, Product Strategy at Oliver Healthcare Packaging;
Cassie Ladd, Senior Marketing Manager at Packaging Compliance Labs;
Rod Patch, Senior Director, Package Engineering, Product Labeling & Digital Production Information, at Johnson & Johnson;
Karen Polkinghorne, President at Network Partners;
Sarah Rosenblum, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing at Packaging Compliance Labs.



Why the change in venue?

thePACKout team: We’ve loved the past two years in Austin, TX — and hope our attendees have too)! thePACKout was created for the industry, by the industry, and we continue to plan the event with this as the driving force. Based on the post event survey, most attendees said they would like to see us head to the coast. We listened by switching up the location to keep our event fresh and exciting.


What about the agenda? Same tracks as before? Any changes to how the event is organized?

thePACKout team: You’ll see some similarities and differences in the 2024 agenda structure. The event will still be two and a half days, jam packed with great content, but we’ll also be shaking things up, like the content pillars we focus on. Keep an eye out for a call for abstracts soon.


When will the agenda be available? Will it be the same process as before, to solicit presentations from experts in the industry?

thePACKout team: We’ve had a lot of success with soliciting presentations from experts in the industry. This approach along with a programming committee of industry professionals has ensured that our content is relevant for attendees. We’ll be announcing a call for abstracts soon — stay tuned.


Any peek into the possible keynote(s) for 2024?

thePACKout team: We have to keep some surprises!


Is there a limit this year on number of attendees like in previous years?

thePACKout team: Our venue is a larger space, which does allow us to accommodate more attendees. However, we remain focused on maintaining our supplier/MDM split.


Why manage the percentage of suppliers to MDMs?

thePACKout team: This is one of the key differentiators of thePACKout from other industry events. The balanced attendee demographic is something we have received positive feedback on from our attendees.


“… it’s most important to us that we continue to provide an outstanding learning experience, which means our focus is first and foremost on content and attendee engagement.”

How will you get more MDMs to attend this year to grow the event?

thePACKout team: Growth of the event is not our number one priority. We always would love to see more attendees, but it’s most important to us that we continue to provide an outstanding learning experience, which means our focus is first and foremost on content and attendee engagement.


Anything new or different planned for 2024? Tours or field trips of interesting things in the area?

thePACKout team: You’ll see some changes to the 2024 event. Mostly changes based on your feedback and our learnings from the 2023 event. We never rule out the opportunity for doing something new and fun, like a tour. But you tell us … is this something you would want to see on the agenda?


Lisa McTigue Pierce is Executive Editor of Packaging Digest. She’s been a packaging media journalist since 1982 and tracks emerging trends, new technologies, and best practices across a spectrum of markets for the publication’s global community. Reach her at [email protected] or 630-272-1774.

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