Packaging for Boston Scientific’s lead delivery system wins AmeriStar Award

January 4, 2016

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Packaging for Boston Scientific’s lead delivery system wins AmeriStar Award

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In this year’s AmeriStar Awards program, Boston Scientific was recognized in the Medical Device category for its ACUITY Pro Lead Delivery System packaging. Used for the next-generation ACUITY Pro product, the new rigid thermoformed tray and lid assembly represents a 50% volume reduction and a reduction in sterilization costs of 50%.

PMP News spoke to Chad Betlach, Senior Packaging Engineer at Boston Scientific and the project’s lead packaging engineer, about the package redesign process, which utilized “voice of the customer” input.

Size reduction was the project’s primary goal, along with durability and aesthetics. Sales reps routinely carry ACUITY product to potential customers in sales bags filled with multiple products of varying sizes, Boston Scientific reported in a statement provided to PMP News.

“The ACUITY Pro tray and lid components are designed and mated in such a way that neither component surface can make pressurized contact with the catheter or accessories,” explained Betlach in the statement.

Also, to prevent the temperature and humidity extremes of sterilization from causing the tray and lid to stick together, the project team designed all tray surfaces that come in contact with the lid with a knurled surface, Boston Scientific reported.

According to Betlach, “The mated lid can only contact the knurled tray surfaces in a limited way. That creates the necessary tolerance for product fitment, but prevents any components from migrating out of their designated spaces during distribution.”

The team also addressed customer requests for improved catheter curve presentation with a new design feature. “Each of the eight available ACUITY Pro curve-shapes has a corresponding molded cavity in the new tray,” explained Betlach.

Boston Scientific worked with Nelipak Healthcare Packaging during the project.

The AmeriStar Awards program is organized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals. Click here for a picture of the package as well as details on other 2014 AmeriStar winners.

Freelance Journalist Camilla Andersson contributed to this report.

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