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Packaging Design

10 Dramatic Snack Packaging Designs

A gallery of 10 lively and colorful snack food designs include new product launches, dramatic redesigns, and standout limited-editions including ‘Minion-ed’ packs.

For some, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are natural breaks between snacking occasions.

The global snack market valued at $427 billion in 2020 is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.37% during the forecast period 2021-2026, according to a Reportlinker report, which singled out the following snack trends:

  • An upsurge in products enriched with protein, vitamins, and nutrients providing consumers on-the-go nutrition;
  • The demand for convenience and portability fuels increased consumption, with premiumization spurring innovation and variety in fresh, better-for-you, and functional options;
  • Convenience is also driving online sales of ready-to-eat snacks, with snack foods one of the top food categories purchased through ecommerce.

The snacks aisle is one of the most colorfully diverse sections of a store. We’ve captured part of that visual spectrum in the following slideshow gallery of 10 new snack products with lively designs across a broad variety of snack types including new product launches, dramatic redesigns, and standout limited editions. You’ll find the sweet, the savory, the bold, and the unique, starting with a main course of six mostly savory offerings followed by a virtual sampling of four chocolate-driven “dessert” offerings.  

Kicking things off is a familiar yellow-and-goggled character.

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