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10 inspiring botanical packaging designs

Article-10 inspiring botanical packaging designs

10 inspiring botanical packaging designs
See how packaging designers draw from nature's garden of variety.

If you love design and nature, then you’re probably as eagle-eyed about beautiful packaging as we are. Taking a stroll through the aisles of your favorite grocery or drug store can be an amazing way to gain inspiration, and spend a few enjoyable hours while you’re at it. Luckily, you don’t have to, because we’ve done it for you. Here’s our roundup of 10 of the most beautiful botanical packaging designs that are as brilliant as the nature that inspires them. Talk about flower power!

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1: The packaging for this natural skin care product is just as bee-utiful as the contents inside it. With a natural woodgrain top and a geometric design inspired by honeycombs (no surprise here, since the product is made with honey, royal jelly and propolis from beehives), this wonderful little bottle is sure to inspire you to harness some beauty secrets from nature. Oh, and the magnetic spatula that adheres to the cap (there’s a magnet under the cap above the inner plastic liner) for spreading the elixir on your skin is pretty neat, too! Not only does Farmacy design its  with packaging that honors nature in terms of aesthetic, but the company is also committed to packaging and producing products in a way that is sustainable and ethical.

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2: Could this little tea package be any sweeter? We’re especially crazy about the retail box, which features a natural kraft paper design with an eye-catching illustration of blooming chai flowers. You also have the option to purchase this tasty, nutty tea in a sleek amber jar with a handsome, minimalist design. Bonus points for the reusability factor of this fresh and innovative jar design! Read on for plenty more eye-catching and earthy tea packaging that proves that tea-lovers are some of the most down-to-earth people.

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3 Australia-based chocolatier Bahen & Co. is all about bringing sustainable, fair-trade chocolate to the masses, and its packaging is equally as pure and positive. Each chocolate bar is dressed in a delightfully illustrated paper wrap with hand-drawn depictions of its ingredients. Kaleidoscopic illustrations of cacao trees and chili peppers remind you that your chocolate came straight from the earth.

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4If you’re all about flowery packaging, you’ll definitely swoon over Firefly’s gorgeous new packaging for its Superfly Juice. This concoction is teeming with a cornucopia of sweet and healthy additives, including aronia, grapefruit, cascara and redcurrant; its packaging honors it beautifully. The pretty, all-over botanical design is simultaneously entrancing and minimalistic, leaving only a small portion for necessary labeling. This package looks (almost!) too good to drink.

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5: Pinky Up Tea’s pretty little jars of loose leaf tea make them feel like an extra special treat worthy of gift-giving. The brand’s bewitching watercolor depictions of delectable ingredients, including coconuts, berries, cinnamon and chai, look stunning in a reusable jar with a rose gold toned lid (think of it like a little bow). If you’re crazy about packaging design, you’ll definitely want to explore Pinky Up Tea’s other fun flavors. Who doesn’t want to try macaroon or tiramisu tea?

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6: It’s rare to see unique, contemporary packaging in the wine aisle, but Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco DOC Spumante Extra Dry is a pleasant surprise. This bright, blooming bottle of bubbly features a colorful bouquet of flowers to honor its fruity, flowery flavor. The hunter green glass bottle and matching cork wrapper only help make the super-flowery motif stand out. Cheers!

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7: There’s something about independent coffee roasters that makes them more likely to come up with some of the most breathtaking packaging out there. This Charleston, SC-based coffee maker honors its global coffee offerings with colorful packaging that doesn’t skimp on the Southern charm. Each bag of beans is gorgeously wrapped up in a sweet and eye-catching flowery motif in an array of rainbow colors to signify different flavors and beans.

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8: If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the hair-care aisle at your salon or favorite beauty store, it’s highly likely that Amika has caught your eye. Almost every product in this Brooklyn-based brand’s cache follows a similar formula: a signature mix of popping orange, purple, blue and green designs that provide abstract insight into what’s in each product. The company’s shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and styling products feature an all-over botanical print with retro-inspired flowers, paisleys and swirls.

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9: Another Brooklyn-born company, LEIF is a specialty shop that curates and creates unique home goods and jewelry with a fun and down-to-earth style. We adore the packaging for its collection of hand-poured candles, which feature super earthy cork lids. Sweet depictions of natural ingredients—citrus, oakmoss, cotton, fern, eucalyptus, neroli and more—pepper the background of the front label. You’ll want to buy this delightful candle as much for its sweet design as you will for its lovely aroma.

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10: Floral fragrances deserve floral packaging, and NEST’s version is done to perfection. Each one of NEST’s flowery perfumes is packaged in a distinct bottle and box with lovely, natural blossoms and birds that indicate what’s inside. For example, NEST’s White Sandalwood Fragrance features a pretty motif complete with blooming sandalwood flowers and a hummingbird, while its Black Tulip Eau de Parfum is adorned with gorgeous, dramatic black tulips. The stunning botanical design extends to the brand’s rollerballs and other products as well.

As the marketing manager for, Casey Heigl is a packaging industry insider. Heigl enjoys sharing her unique perspective and when she isn’t writing articles she is spending time with her family or crafting with professional glue guns, of course!


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