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10 pack redesigns earn honors in Nielsen competition10 pack redesigns earn honors in Nielsen competition

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Winners are across different markets and throughout the world.

Outstanding packaging design—or, more properly, “redesign”—is the focus for the Nielsen Design Impact Awards. The annual worldwide competition attracts entries from brand owners and designers that have redesigned packages for food, beverage, personal care products and homecare items.

The 2019 competition considered redesigns that launched between January 1, 2016, and January 1, 2018, looking at factors such as the redesign’s effect on sales, consumer brand perceptions and brand trial. Ten winners emerged, including five from North America.

Here are quick explanations of the winning redesigns. For in-depth descriptions, download the “Global Edition: Nielsen Design Impact Awards 2019” report below.


Nice! by Walgreens (U.S.): More than a nice try

Walgreens’ packaging redesign for its expansive Nice! private-label brand incorporates health/wellness information and appetite appeal as well as trustworthiness, friendliness and approachability. Walgreens worked with design agency Soulsight on the redesign.


M&M’s (U.S.): Redesigned pack stands up on-shelf

By switching to a stand-up pouch for M&M’s, Mars Wrigley Confectionery has created a brand billboard on-shelf. The front of the pouch faces consumers, something the previous package, a bag, could not do. Consequently, consumers now enjoy an easier, faster shopping experience.



Icelandic Provisions (U.S.): New Skyr package is eco-friendly

In creating a new package design for its Skyr cultured dairy product, Icelandic Provisions worked with design agency Moxie Sozo.The redesign, which includes an easy-to-recycle cup made with less plastic than the previous package, sets the Skyr brand apart from competitors and has significantly improved sales.


Hess Select (U.S.): The lion still roars

The Hess Collection Winery engaged Retifex to redesign labels for the Hess Select tier of wines, with the goal of updating the design without losing brand equity. The redesign includes larger labels, a refreshed Hess lion icon and updated colors.


Alpura (Mexico): Milk pack redesign is a natural

Mexican dairy cooperative Alpura takes good care of its cows, and that care and quality come through on its redesigned milk packaging. With an emphasis on naturalness, the redesign features photos of Alpura’s own cows and pastures. Alpura collaborated with Mexico City-based agency Foic Lecanda on the new design.


Arawana Oil (China): New design tackles ergonomics

Chinese cooking-oil manufacturer Arawana redesigned the packaging for its sunflower and rice bran oils. The new sunflower oil package features a more ergonomic handle. And a subtle shift in color on the rice bran oil package reinforces the product’s premium quality.


MAQ (South Africa): Redesign brings brand family together

For the South Africa-based MAQ brand of homecare products, a packaging redesign unifies a product family that includes dish, laundry and surface cleansers.


Playboy Deodorants (South Africa): Aerosol redesign highlights fragrances

Also in South Africa, Playboy redesigned packaging for its aerosol deodorants to give each fragrance a distinctive identity while also communicating the identity of the larger brand family. A structural package change that lets consumers lock the actuator eliminates the need for an overcap.



Prestígio (Brazil): Candy bar packaging gets a makeover

In Brazil, modernized packaging for Nestlé’siconic Prestígio candy bar successfully communicates “naturalness” without sacrificing brand recognition.


Satis! (Brazil): New seasoning packs showcase product benefits

In redesigning the packaging for its Satis! seasonings, brand owner Ajinomoto do Brazilchose graphics that better communicate the products’ benefits and practicality to consumers, and also differentiate the product line’s three functional tiers.


These were quick explanations of the winning redesigns. For in-depth descriptions, download the “Global Edition: Nielsen Design Impact Awards 2019” report.

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