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5 basics for engaging customers with packaging

Article-5 basics for engaging customers with packaging

5 basics for engaging customers with packaging
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Selling physical products is not a simple activity due to numerous operations and factors that must be considered.

From website content to product packaging, every brand must use the proper branding and marketing strategies that ensure consistent business growth. The purpose of these strategies is to improve the brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

How can that be done? Honestly, in a million different ways. You can improve your customers’ opinion and brand affinity by offering an amazing product delivery and unpackaging experience.

Here are our top five tips regarding brand-building and engaging customers with packaging:

1. Keep your brand’s message consistent.

Your packaging text, design and style should look similar to the text, design and style displayed by your website, logo and communication.

For example, if you’re a motivational brand that sells products for extreme sportsmen, you can use power words, motivational words that would inspire and motivate the customers. You can also use bold designs that inspire strength and power.

Keep your brand’s message consistent across all channels, including:

• Your website copy.

• Your marketing copy.

• Your communication style.

• Your packaging design and text.

Simply put, make your customers feel like they’re understanding your brand’s personality, values and culture by providing them clues everywhere they go.

It's a good opportunity to create a marketing campaign to highlight the brand features that are close to the customers` needs and convictions. The main task is to make it as memorable as you can. Also, present it with user-friendly website navigation and a positive attitude in communication channels.

2. Aim to overdeliver.

Overdelivering means providing unexpected value for free. This can make customers appreciate and follow your brand.

By overdelivering, you’re simply stating that you care about your customers’ satisfaction and fulfillment. You can overdeliver on packaging by getting creative. Here are a handful of examples of creative brands that took packaging to the next level:

For example, I have overdelivered here. Instead of giving you just one idea, I gave you five ideas, out of which one or two might be useful. You leave this article happy because you’ve just got a great inspiration. That’s how customers feel, too.

A unique “wow” effect can elevate the experience. Share small surprises like special competitions, discounts or sweets in the box to deliver not just a product but also happiness.

3. Don’t shy away from investing in your packaging.

Investing in your packaging is the best measure you can take to optimize your brand’s look, feel and quality.

Copywriting is the first aspect. If you’re not a great copywriter (99% of people are not), you should definitely consult a writing service representative who can help you deliver a powerful message through your packaging—a message that is consistent with your brand’s values and identity.

Secondly, invest in your packaging’s design. A professional graphic designer or a reputable packaging design firm will be able to help you craft an attractive design that’s also practical, functional and innovative.

Invest time, money and effort at the first stages. There is nothing better for a package than design and text messages that transmit the brand’s values to its customers.

4. Educate, inspire or tell a compelling story.

You can improve your customer’s experience by overdelivering with something original. For example, you can educate your customers by providing a free story that solves a specific problem that they might face. For that, you need to know what they need, want or what their biggest problems and setbacks are.

You can share a simple story on the package or provide a way for customers to link to a longer story on a website.

5. Surprise customers every now and then.

Not every market on the corner of the street, not every website, not every business knows how to appreciate and reward its customers. But a right and mindful approach that delivers positive, surprising experiences on a regular basis can transform a young organization into a loved brand.

You can be one of the brands that takes the pride of acknowledging its fans’ desire for unpredictability. Gifts are the best way to express your gratitude, and you can deliver them in various ways.

Knowing your target audience is crucial. The better you understand your customer’s needs, problems and desires, the more relevant your surprise will be.

Generally, offering discounts, exclusive promotions and other freebie incentives is a great tactic, though you should probably get more creative and provide your fans a unique experience—such as getting in touch with you or giving them the opportunity to become your brand ambassadors in exchange for exclusive benefits.

All these offers can be delivered through packaging, so never be afraid to test and be creative with how you deliver your quality products. The risk is totally worth it because, if you use your common sense and the advice of a few professionals, few things can go wrong.

Craft something special for your customers to give them some pleasure. Engaging them to participate in the brand development can help make your services better through the interaction with your staff.

Key takeaways

Your brand’s first impression—the package—counts a lot. By following these five tips, you will overdeliver, thus improving the odds of your customers falling in love with the experience you’ve offered them. The intense positive emotions that your “surprise” package delivers are directly associated with your brand’s name.

Therefore, everything about your packaging counts. The color, the text, the size, the message, the feature, the bonuses, the combination of all these elements—which one is best? There are lots of things to consider, but you don’t have to test it all at once.

Take it step-by-step and improve your packaging’s quality as your business grows. Your customers won’t mind you trying to constantly improve their experience—they’ll actually appreciate and respect you for it. Do great at packaging and win the hearts of your customers.

Alexandra Reay is an editor and regular contributor to research paper writing in Australia and one youngwriting company. She is a professional content writer who prefers to do research on a variety of topics, including self-improvement, technology innovations and global education developments.


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