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Packaging Design

5 Packaging Design Trends

Healthy food and drink brands are leading the charge in 2023’s packaging design trends.

The health-and-wellness sector has been booming over the last few years. And as we enter the post-pandemic era, consumers have become even more health conscious when it comes to the products they buy and brands they invest in, with 50% of Americans now reporting that wellness is a top priority for them in their everyday lives.

And brands are rising to meet this growing demand with an array of alternative products geared towards improving and optimizing consumers’ health, while still enabling them to enjoy the good things in life — from sodas and seltzers to snacks and confectionary.

The space is a competitive one, so to communicate their value and capture the attention of consumers, this new wave of health-focused brands are turning to innovative and bold packaging designs to help them stand out.

Each year, we speak to the global community of professional freelance designers working on 99designs by Vista, to get their take on what the biggest design trends are going to be for the year ahead. Working directly with businesses and brands around the globe every single day, they are at the forefront of what’s making waves in the design world. From their predictions for the packaging design trends of 2023, it’s clear to see there’s going to be no shortage of bright, and effervescent packaging when it comes to the health food aisles.

From bold colors and fun fonts to playful characters and vintage aesthetics, these trends demonstrate how brands in the health and wellness space are thinking outside the box when it comes to their packaging design in 2023. The growing appetite for transparency from consumers has provided an opportunity for brands to creatively leverage design to communicate their values and missions — one they are eagerly embracing.

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