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7 Cases of Problematic Packaging

There’s so much to learn about packaging design from other people’s mistakes, as these #PackagingFail examples show.

Emily Newton

January 4, 2023

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Packaging should ideally protect the product, catch people’s attention, and make them interested enough to purchase certain brands over others. Companies spend significant amounts of money and time to ensure their packaging meets all expectations. Even so, they sometimes fail — hard.

Although people can certainly learn a lot from best practices, there are lessons contained within failures, too. These seven examples show how powerful packaging can be for creating consumers who feel upset rather than delighted.

Study them to understand how you can do better. It’s also important to take positive or negative feedback into account. Your customers’ communications are often the best ways to know whether you’re doing well or if it’s time to make decisive improvements. Take inspiration from these #PackagingFail tweets.

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Emily Newton

Editor-in-Chief, Revolutionized

Emily Newton is an industrial journalist with more than five years’ experience writing articles for the engineering and manufacturing sectors. As editor-in-chief of Revolutionized, she also discusses how tech innovations are changing many industries around the world.

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