All American Pet Co. mobilizes doggie snacks with single-serve portable pack

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All American Pet Co. mobilizes doggie snacks with single-serve portable pack



All American Pet Nutra Bar

Convenience has emerged as an overriding trend in the packaged foods industry—serving size, portability, natural ingredients, functionality and taste are the hallmarks of the $1.7 billion food bar industry, which consistently grows by double digits every year.


With its focus on the almost 80 million dogs in the U.S., All American Pet Co. Inc. introduces Nutra Bars—the  portable heart-healthy, natural, semi-moist, meat-first snack individually wrapped in a 4-oz bar just for dogs. The Nutra Bar ingredient formula was designed to be totally compatible with the company's super premium meat-first 27 percent protein Chompions Multi-Meal kibble, and the new premium, meat-first Mutt food for dogs brand to assure a dog's diet will remain consistent.


"Food bars are a convenience of our everyday lives and we are the only pet wellness company in the world that has made them convenient for our four-legged family members," notes Lisa Bershan, company president.


As America has mobilized so has the nation's foodservice industry. In 2011 the number of U.S. convenience stores grew 1.2 percent over the past year to a record 148,341 doors, posting $681 billion in total sales in 2011, according to Nielsen. Every drug and convenience store in America devotes 10 to 30 sq. ft. of shelf space for power bars, energy bars and nutritional bars. Adding the convenience of Nutra Bars to their in-store pet food selections—both on-shelf and via clip-strips—raises the potential retail outlets available for All American Pet Co. products to more than 250,000 retail doors.


Barry Schwartz, CEO, says, "Developing the Nutra Bars was no walk in the park... It took 5 years to align the highly palatable super-premium patent pending formula we wanted with our proprietary production process and equipment—Nutra Bars will be the game changer."


Source: All American Pet Co. Inc.



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