Award toasts creative champagne packaging

March 11, 2015

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Award toasts creative champagne packaging
Award-winning Moet packaging from Sleever Intl



Award-winning Moet packaging from Sleever Intl

The jury Prix Forme de Luxe composed exclusively of professionals selected Sleever International for its new decorating solution which brings to the brand Moët Ice Imperial a real breakage for the new design packaging.


The World of Champagne has revolutionised its strategy, and chose to do it with the Sleever International Group's latest packaging technology, SilkSleever.


The LVMH Group, through its subsidiary Moët et Chandon, proposed a partnership with Sleever International to produce a radically new packaging for their latest creation "ICE IMPERIAL", a Champagne served over ice.


Sleever Technologies, the Group's research and development centre in the Tarn in South West France, proposed a high technology shrink film, SilkSleever, for this unique cuvée, in an alabaster colour, with the texture of tissue paper and offering a number of new and distinctive qualities.


Moët et Chandon's latest cuvée, Ice Imperial, is a new concept which will reinvent the Champagne market. You drink it in a wide mouthed glass, with ice cubes. So, we matched this revolution in the Champagne market with revolutionary technology of our own, SilkSleever.


Our idea was to design a radically new and innovative packaging. Moët et Chandon's Ice Imperial completely breaks with the traditional way of drinking Champagne. Sleever International has, therefore, designed a completely new type of bottle: soft to the touch, the colour of alabaster, covered in tiny metallic bubbles, finished off with a white top. This collector's item also sports a black cravat label and the traditional Moët signature printed in gold on the neck. We have provided all the technologies required for this new and innovative bottle design.


During the launch of Ice Imperial, Moët's President admitted this marks the most radical change for the Brand since it was created in 1743. Sleever International has more than fulfilled its obligations, and, with SilkSleever, has created a design which is fundamentally different, both in terms of technology and marketing. It produces a startling alchemy of materials and colours. A film made from white opaque plastic forms a barrier against the light to preserve the wine's organoleptic qualities. It also protects the bottle while keeping its traditional form, and like the cravat and foil cap, can be removed so that the bottle can be recycled properly. We have already mentioned its tactile qualities, velvet to the touch, high standards of printing.


SilkSleever products are chic and stylish. They offer all the advantages of shrink film packaging, but because of their tactile qualities, without the negative connotations associated with plastic.


SilkSleever packaging provides a physical relationship with the product, which did not go unnoticed by Moët et Chandon in their description of their exceptional cuvée, Ice Imperial.


SilkSleever has been able to translate the primary aims of the ‘'Ice Imperial'' brand through a radical and new packaging.


Source: Sleever International Group

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