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Beauty wipes encapsulate goodness

Article-Beauty wipes encapsulate goodness

Beauty wipes encapsulate goodness
Beauty wipes encapsulate goodness


Beauty wipes encapsulate goodnessLa Fresh Group has launched its first ever television advertising campaign to promote the introduction of La Fresh Eco-Beauty, the company's new line of premium, natural, biodegradable wipes. The line was first introduced at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and has since gained distribution in key markets around the U.S. as well as in Canada and Central America. "The new Eco-Beauty line breaks the mold when it comes to high-performance beauty," says Jennifer Norman, vp of marketing for La Fresh Group. "The biodegradable wipes encapsulate all the goodness of highly natural formulas into lightweight, spill-proof forms that can be enjoyed anywhere. Savvy women will tell you life is better spent away from the sink." 


Unlike traditional skin care lines, La Fresh upholds the pre-treated wet wipe as its central product form. The La Fresh Eco-Beauty line includes waterproof makeup remover, oil-free face cleanser (naturally scented or fragrance free), instant body soother, healthy hand sanitizer and acetone-free nail polish remover. The wipes are available in multi-count pouches and/or single packets.

The wipes are made of 100 percent rayon. Nail polish remover pads are 100 percent compressed cotton. Flexible films used for outer packaging of both pouches and single packets consist of aluminum layer laminated between OPP and chlorinated PP, with varying thickness. Based in Chino, CA, La Fresh Group was founded in 1997 to offer unique skin care, cosmetics and travel amenity wipes to those who seek quality, simplicity and the freshest experience from their personal care products.


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