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Best Package Designs for COVID-19 Test KitsBest Package Designs for COVID-19 Test Kits

Using artificial intelligence (AI), we analyzed top at-home testing kits to reveal which brands are best positioned to attract and convert ecommerce shoppers in the US based on their product packaging design and online carousel imagery.

Jehan Hamedi

February 15, 2022

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As the Omicron variant tears through the United States, more people than ever are turning to online retailers to secure their COVID-19 at-home test kits. While this current surge in demand is driven by rising cases, it’s clear that at-home testing is here to stay. But when the dust settles, which test kit brands are best positioned to become household names with American consumers based on their visual branding and product content design?

We evaluated 31 kits sold online, both rapid antigen and PCR tests, to winnow it down to the top five scoring. Vizit’s platform measures the impact of their visual content and designs with an intended audience. The Vizit Score (0-100) predicts how likely an image is to visually engage an intended audience, while attention insights shed light onto elements of the image that garner the most attention and stopping power.

Here are what the winners had going for them in packaging design and for their carousel imagery (these are those extra images showing product features and/or use). Overall, color gradients and photos of a person demonstrating exactly what to do appealed to our US General Population Audience.

About the Author(s)

Jehan Hamedi

Founder and CEO, Vizit

Jehan Hamedi is the Founder and CEO of Vizit. With more than a decade of experience in computational social science and artificial intelligence (AI), Hamedi’s innovations have led to important advances in AI and computer vision, consumer insights, and ecommerce, resulting in eight patents and an award-winning software platform. Before launching Vizit, Hamedi led growth and innovation for Crimson Hexagon (acquired by Brandwatch), working with leading global brands, retailers, technology, and media companies, including Google, Twitter, Walgreens, Toyota, and Paramount Pictures.

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