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Beverage packaging: Blue glass bottles for Spindrift beer

Beverage packaging: Blue glass bottles for Spindrift beer
Spindrift beer

Spindrift beerAn original combination of blue glass and clear film labeling evokes sea spray and the feel of the coast for the latest bottled beer from Adnams Brewery in Suffolk, England.

Spindrift is a light, blonde beer originally launched as a keg product. Its striking bottle was made from blue glass at O-I’s Rinteln glass plant in Germany. This plant specializes in producing bottles in unusual colous. Its repertoire includes over 20 shades of blue glass, green and amber glass. The company’s color experts blend different minerals and metals to create the right optical effect.

The graphic design strengthens the appeal of the sea. Clear film neck and body labels feature waves and invigorating bursts of sea spray.

The product is a very different from Adnams’ traditional cask beers. “Spindrift is a fresh take on beer and we decided to take a different approach to the packaging,” says Mark Holmes, Head of Take Home at Adnams. “Glass reflects the brand’s premium positioning and the blue bottle provides the distinctive, highly contemporary feel we wanted.”

Named Spindrift to reflect Adnams’ coastal location, the beer is made from a blend of East Anglian malted barley, Boadicea and First Gold hops and high grade malted wheat. This is chilled and filtered to allow the aromas and flavours within the beer to remain. Spindrift is a top-fermented beer to deliver a creamy white, continental style head and is designed to be served chilled.


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