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Bottle is ‘dripping’ with polishBottle is ‘dripping’ with polish

March 11, 2015

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Bottle is ‘dripping’ with polish

E.l.f. (which stands for eyes, lips, face) is a cosmetics brand recognized for quality at the incredibly affordable price of $1 per item. E.l.f.’s line of 18 shades is digits apart from the rest, with an innovative rectangular glass “color-drip” bottle that oozes both fun color and excitement. Marketing and creative director Achelle Dunaway says she created the design to look like polish dripping out of the bottle to put a fresh spin on polish packaging. “At first glance, the bottle looks like it’s broken, but when you look again, you see it’s the design,” she says. A PE adhesion of “faux polish” is glue-affixed just below the cap. Capping the flint glass bottle is a sleek black rectangular closure and an aerodynamic brush that glides the color on. Screened in black, the 10-mL bottle and ABS cap are both made in China.

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