Brands Use Paul Newman’s Image on Packaging and Donate Profits

The philanthropic Newman’s Own brand is licensing Paul Newman’s image to other brands for a limited time, with all profits from the Newman-branded products going to children’s charities.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

December 9, 2022

Newman’s Own, the food brand founded by Academy Award-winning actor Paul Newman, is giving other US brands the chance to use Newman’s image on their products and packaging. In return, participating brands must donate all profits from that product’s sales to help kids in need.

Through the Newman’s Deal promotion, US consumer-goods brands will gain access to a library of images of the iconic actor for use in promoting a product. The deal is structured as a licensing agreement, and food and beverage brands may not participate.

Newman’s Deal is a 40th-anniversary celebration of the founding of Newman’s Own, which donates 100% of profits to worthy causes. Newman died in 2008, but his philanthropic mission continues through Newman’s Own Foundation.

The application period to participate in Newman’s deal concluded on November 24, 2022. Brands chosen to participate must start selling their brands by the end of 2023, and they agree to give away all after-tax profit made from the sale of their product to qualifying non-profits.

In this exclusive Q&A, Nicole Malcolm-Manyara, chief marketing officer of Newman’s Own, answers our questions about Newman’s Deal.


Malcolm-Manyara: Paul Newman, the legendary actor, philanthropist, and race car driver, continues to be beloved by many, as does Newman’s Own, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

He even catapulted back into pop-culture headlines this year with a docuseries and great interest around his memoir, both of which mention his pioneering philanthropy.


What companies or products are likely to take you up on Newman’s Deal and why?

Malcolm-Manyara: The brand is loved by a multitude of generations. And because Paul Newman continues to make pop-culture headlines, with stylish photographs from his acting, racing, and lifestyle front and center, younger generations are becoming more familiar with his handsome visage.

We have seen a range of brands apply [to participate in Newman’s Deal] and will notify brands that are selected by January 31. All consumer product categories, excluding food and beverage, are eligible. Examples of eligible product categories include apparel, accessories, automotive, beauty and personal care, collectibles, consumer electronics, footwear, home furnishings, and home goods.


How much money do you anticipate raising for kids in need with Newman’s Deal?

Malcolm-Manyara: Since 1982, Newman’s Own and Paul Newman have donated more than $600 million to a variety of good causes, including kids facing adversity.

What is most important with Newman’s Deal is that 100% of profits from the limited-edition products will go to helping kids. From my perspective, any additional funding and support make a positive impact on this area of critical need.


What organizations, specifically, will qualify for donations from participating brands?

Malcolm-Manyara: Brands that apply and are selected for Newman’s Deal must commit to donating 100% of profits from the product featuring Paul Newman’s name, image, or likeness to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps kids facing adversity.

Brands can make the donation through Newman’s Own Foundation or donate directly to an organization that is approved by the Foundation.


Are brands limited to adding Paul’s image to just one product? What if they want to do more than one product?

Malcolm-Manyara: Brands are not limited to adding Paul Newman’s name, image, or likeness to one product; however, they must donate 100% of profits from every product featuring it to help kids facing adversity.

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