Bread bags get colorful

March 11, 2015

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Bread bags get colorful

Across the Pacific Northwest, Silver Hills Bakery is unveiling a new look for its bread bags, as well as a rebranding of the whole-grain breads available at grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada. Replacing mostly transparent bags, the revitalized, color-coded opaque packaging and image makeover were produced by Karacters Design Group ( to appeal to a wider, health-intending demographic to boost sales and broaden the customer base. Converted by Alpha Polybag Corp. (, the new bags debuted in April. The biodegradable PE bagstock is treated with a nontoxic additive from Oxobioplast Inc. ( so that when it's discarded in the presence of light, oxygen, heat and micro-organisms, it will ultimately oxobiodegrade into naturally occurring components, Silver Hills reports. Flexo printed in six spot colors, including white for opacity, the bag graphics are flooded with bold, solid matte colors to set them apart on store shelves.

Says Brad Brousson, CEO, “It's important that our creative platform supports our vision and helps differentiate our brand and what it stands for in a competitive category…we wanted this to be reflected in the new packaging.”

The bakery also gains recognition with revised bread names like Squirrelly; The Kings Kamut; Hemptation; The Big 16; Little Big Bread; Hardy Hearty Harvest; and Mack's Flax. Witty, lighthearted illustrations evoke the new names visually and cleverly incorporate captivating bread windows to display the product.

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