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Cadbury's packaging reflects richness of chocolate

Cadbury's packaging reflects richness of chocolate

Chocolate lovers’ taste buds will be delighted to hear that Cadbury India is rolling out a new world-class premium dark chocolate named Cadbury Bournville. This recent product launch comes on the heels of a rigorous brand redesign that includes changes to the recipe, mold and packaging of the widely popular sweet treat. And that’s not all—consumers will see that the cocoa content has increased from 44 percent to 50 percent to allow for a richer, more decadent experience.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, director, Chocolate Category and Media, Cadbury India says, "Since its launch in 2009, Cadbury Bournville has created the premium dark chocolate category in India. Having introduced the Indian consumers to dark chocolates, we constantly innovate to provide consumers with the best in class international dark chocolate experience. Additionally, the revamp of Cadbury Bournville is in line with our long term strategy of strengthening our premium portfolio in order to stay ahead of evolving consumer tastes."

Mukherjee continues, “It took a lot of effort coming up with the new Bournville packaging. The idea behind the new packaging was to create something befitting the much improved product. So when we decided to make a video on how we went about the job of redesigning the packaging, our intention was to showcase the entire process involved. From narrowing it down to one design to going ahead and executing the designer's vision. Basically, we wanted to show people that the design job was as smooth, rich and intense as the new Bournville itself.”

Mr. Mukherjee adds, "We relied heavily on the company's international expertise and the accumulated understanding of the Indian consumer's dark chocolate preferences to upgrade Cadbury Bournville. After a large scale consumer testing on parameters such as taste, texture, smoothness and acidity, the winning recipe with a cocoa content of 50 percent was arrived upon."

A similar consumer feedback based process resulted in the new Cadbury Bournville looking sleeker and uncluttered, with black being the prevailing color in the packaging. The dark chocolate treat can now be enjoyed across the country in three different flavors—Cranberry, Raisins and Nuts and Rich Cocoa.

Source: Cadbury India

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