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Carton gives protein drinks a kickCarton gives protein drinks a kick

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Carton gives protein drinks a kick
Maxim recovery drinks

Maxim recovery drinks

Maxim recovery drinks

Protein drinks are gaining popularity among consumers looking to boost their health. This trend is especially apparent in the European market, which has seen a significant number of product introductions in this area.


German beverage brand Immergut GmbH & Co. KG, for example, recently launched its Maxim Recovery Drink protein drinks, geared toward consumers in Scandinavia and Finland looking to replenish energy stores after playing sports, running or engaging in any other grueling physical activity. The brand owner is packaging the drinks in combifitSmall 250 ml with combiSmart screw cap, produced by SIG Combibloc.


Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, the drinks are intended to be quaffed straight out of the carton after a training session. According to Matthias Krusche, global market segment manager at SIG Combibloc, packaging professionals can expect to see increasing interest in protein beverages to continue.


"In the future, consumer interest in proteins is set to increase even more, and therefore food manufacturers too will be taking a greater interest in these nutrients. The aspect of health is one of the big global trends in the food industry," Krusche says.

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