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Coca-Cola launches QR code packaging in Spain

March 11, 2015

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Coca-Cola launches QR code packaging in Spain
QR code on Coca-Cola packaging in Spain


QR code on Coca-Cola packaging in Spain

Coca-Cola has signed an agreement with ScanLife, the company that powers the BIDI mobile barcode service in Spain, to position the leading beverage company as a pioneer in the fields of mobile marketing and managed mobile barcodes.


The codes, placed on packaging, can be scanned by any QR Code reader application, like ScanLife (or Bidi in Spain), and sends users to content such as UEFA's EURO 2012 videos and Coca-Cola SmileWorld Coca-Cola's online community. With this partnership, Coca-Cola strengthens its position as an innovative company that is interacting with consumers right from the packaging of its products. Additionally, the campaign will be featured in TV commercials.


"The results we have seen are extremely impressive," says Paco Rodriguez, Digital Manager at Coca-Cola. "Thanks to intelligent QR Codes from the ScanLife platform we are able to constantly surprise our consumers with new content, strengthen our position in the mobile space, and understand what interests our consumers."
The ScanLife code management platform features advanced technology that enables QR Codes to be a two-way, dynamic communication with consumers that can change in real time. This allows marketers to deliver relevant content based on a variety of triggers like frequency of scans.


"The partnership with Coca-Cola shows that barcode scanning with smartphones has reached a global tipping point," says Mike Wehrs, Chief Executive Officer of ScanLife. "ScanLife's platform adds value by helping brands deliver customized and context-driven content to their customers right from their product, and learn from those interactions."


Source: The Coca-Cola Company

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