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Distinct Beverages teams with Rexam

March 11, 2015

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Distinct Beverages teams with Rexam

159349-protegy_rexam_v2.jpgFitness enthusiasts usually have to choose between an energy drink or a protein drink to quench their thirst pre- or post-workout. Not anymore. Distinct Beverages has combined these two key features in a unique beverage hybrid called Protegy. It is the first carbonated protein energy drink on the market, and it’s available now in 12 oz. Rexam SLEEK(TM) aluminum beverage cans.

Distinct Beverages chose to bring Protegy to market in the Rexam SLEEK can because of the package's overall "sleek" look and feel. The aluminum beverage can also keeps beverages fresh and cold longer, is easily portable and is the best environmental choice with a recycle rate at more than double any other beverage package.

"We felt this was the perfect package for our beverage, and Rexam has been an excellent partner committed to helping us succeed and build our business," said Nick Woodhead, executive vice president, Distinct Beverages.

The 12 oz. Rexam SLEEK can is part of the innovative Rexam SLEEK can family, which also includes 9 oz. and 10.5 oz. sizes.

"We worked closely with the team at Distinct Beverages to help them achieve their goal of differentiating this product from the rest of the beverage pack and helping build their business," said Andre Balbi, president and CEO, Rexam Beverage Can Americas. "Our 12 oz. SLEEK can enables their brand to stand out on retail shelves while delivering superior environmental benefits, and distribution and retail display economics."

Distinct Beverages also worked with Rexam's Graphic Art and Printing Plate Operation in Elk Grove, IL, to set the color and graphic tolerances for perfect reproduction of the Protegy brand on aluminum cans. Rexam has the only company-owned, integrated graphic art and printing plate operation, complete with a manufacturing pilot line, to set these standards confidentially with customers, before mass production.

Targeting athletes and health-conscious consumers, Protegy contains 25 grams of pure whey protein isolate and an energy blend of caffeine, Ginseng, B Vitamins, Pomegranate and Acai berry extracts. It is lactose free and has 0 grams of carbohydrates or sugar.

"This all-natural, healthy beverage is ideal as a pre- or post-workout drink, a meal replacement or just a great-tasting, antioxidizing beverage," said Jake Townson, president, Distinct Beverages. "Consumers will experience the many health benefits of the protein in addition to the wholesome energy boost."

Protegy is available now in select retail stores on the east coast, with expansion plans across the U.S. set for next year.


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